Thursday, March 19, 2015

Change of planz y0

This is an couple of emails originally sent (not to the illustrious blog manager... :-)) about flight mixups on the 17th (Tues).  With a little extra time, she was able to send more pictures...

Hey, want to hear something super cool? So we had a flight at 4:35 to Dallas to London to Portugal today, right? Well, the mission president didn't want all of us to come in as late as we were that night so he requested to have our flight changed to early that morning, which is was. Cool, huh? Only the travel office didn't tell all 22 missionaries on that flight that we'd had a flight change, so we showed up at 11:30 with all our suitcases only to be told that we had missed our flight. Isn't that so fun? So we are now leaving tomorrow instead. I am just so pleased and so very very happy about this turn of events. I am especially looking forward to unpacking and then repacking, putting sheets back on my bed and then taking them off again, the works. Oh, and bonus: we thought this morning was our last meal at the MTC but alas! We have 3 more to look forward to! Like I said, I am so very happy about this turn of events. So very happy.

So basically, I won't be calling today, but tomorrow morning, probably around 7 Utah time, although we still don't really know anything. And besides, when we get our new travel plans we probably won't get told about those, either, so who knows. 

Talk to you tomorrow!! Much love

The zone!! Portugal and Angola. Only not actually either of those places because a) reassignments and b) not actually flying to Portugal
​Trying to slide down the banister (this was before we got in trouble for sliding down the banister)
G LYFEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE super shoutout the Mak for the AMAZING t-shirts!!!

We mastered Breakfast

I have no idea what is going on in this picture, but it is so accurate

​this was going to be the last day but LOLZ it's not
We just got a new thing for a new thing and I leave TONIGHT at 9:00pm, we go to NYC to MADRID to Lisbon. I will be in the SLC airport for a couple hours tonight and can call then, but I also have a 12 HOUR LAYOVER tomorrow in NYC so I can always hit you up from there too. And I probably will get so bored that I will. In fact, feel free to send me the names and numbers of every person I've ever met cause I've got nothing to do ALL DAY tomorrow.

But hey I'm going to New York and then to Madrid and then to LISBON. 




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