Monday, November 30, 2015


Is that even how that song goes?! I tried.

SO MY FIRST WEEK IN FOZ HAPPENED AND IT WAS ROCKIN. For real, this area is beautiful DEMAIS and kinda perfect, the beach is like 4 hot seconds away from our house and it is COMPLETELY CRAZY, I have never lived this close to the ocean ever BUT IT IS THE BEST.

And I had to say puttin on the ritz because LITERALLY EVERYONE HERE IS A BAZILLIONAIRE. SERIOUSLY THOUGH. We spend our days counting jaguars and porsches and knocking apartment buildings that have doormen and red carpet and it is actually crazy. I am not classy enough to live here?!?! Most of my clothes came from thrift stores?!!?! Not sure what is actually happening

So for this week:
   - First off SISTER JOHNSON IS WAY PERFECT. We get along a little TOO good if you ask me. But really though, nothing but kicks and giggles out on the streets all day and sometimes we are like "oh hey maybe we should do contacts instead of just PARTYING ALL DAY". Just kidding, we actually work hard but you know, also grapevine and sing and have a great time
   - So Thanksgiving was this week!!!! Its not a thing here. At all. So we postponed our district meeting until Thursday and ate an obscene amount of pumpkin pie and then Sister Johnson and I whipped together our best Portuguese Thanksgiving dinner we possibly could. I was grateful for stuffing and gravy and I hope you all were too, because these are things that dont exist here and were sorely missed by yours truly
   - MIRACLES. THE LORDS HAND IS IN THE WORK FAM. I have been working more on seeing the Lords hand in everything here, and WOAH. IT IS THERE. This week we were pressing buttons to get into apartments, and the ones for casa 31 and 32 already said they werent interested, so when we got in the building I was like "eh we dont need to go up to the top floor its fine" but then part of me was like "dude wait what if there is elect people in casa 30" so I was like FINE and we went and knocked and IT WAS THE COOLEST FAMILY EVER. Seriously though, and THEY LET US COME IN RIGHT THEN which has basically never happened on my mission, ever. BÊNÇÃOS FAM. BÊNÇÃOS.
   - There is actually way more crazy amazing ish that goes down TODOS OS DIAS but I forget it all. Its super wonderful being in an area by ourselves, cause even though its a little lonely out here on this lone island, its cool to refocus and just do our work sozinhas and do our best! And I totally love it here!!
   - Also, THE WARD. IS SO GREAT. hahahahahah it is WAY different because there is 8% activity in this area and about 20 or so people that come every week. And the ambient is a lot different but that just means there is a ton of work for us to do and people to cheer up and bring back to church!! SO WE GOT THIS FAM!!

Anyway, I love you all tons and tons!! Dont forget to send me your Christmas cards!! Forreal though I want them all. Also, PLEASE PRAY FOR THIS AREA and specifically for the ala of Foz do Douro, we need all the love and prayers we can get!! LETS GET THIS WARD PUMPED UP FAM!!!!!!!!!

Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee to all!

xoxoxxoxoxxoxo bjs Sis P

Thanksgiving REALLY isnt a thing here but we did our very best :)

So I got all the pictures Sister Anderson has been diligently taking every week (good for her, she is the best) and so I guess I´ll start sending a couple every week or something!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!

1. LONG time ago, zone soccer game!


3. That one time Sis Anderson and I accidentally basically wore the exact same thing

Monday, November 23, 2015


What up fammmmmmmmmmmmmmm so this will probably be a short one because a) transfers were crazy and b) I am kinda dying right now but BASICALLY THE MISSION ROCKS MY SOCKS OFF. Some things:
   - TRANSFERS HAPPENED and I made the huge, grande, giant switch on over to FOZ DO DOURO. Which isssssssssss STILL IN PORTO. Hahahahha... haha... ha. No but seriously its awesome, Porto is a beautiful city and Foz ROCKS SO MUCH. It is actually one of the most beautiful places ever, its right where the Rio Douro hits the ocean so we have beaches and rich people houses and the works. And I will be serving with Sister Johnson!! She is SO COOL and dies here pretty soon so she is also knowledgeable and a great missionary and basically its just gonna be one rockin transfer!!
   - Speaking of me dying, I AM LITERALLY DYING RIGHT NOW. AS IS THE WHOLE DISTRICT FAM. So basically we went to an FHE to eat Cashupa which I LOVE LOVE LOVE but it also got made like 2 days before... and just kinda sat there, waiting for us... So yep, our entire district fam is completely dying today. Perfect timing for transfers am I right?!?!! On a positive note, I lost 6 pounds overnight. I was pretty stoked about that. On a negative note, this is because everything that was in my inside is now on my outside. Too much info? Maybe. But seriously, Im not sure I have ever been this sick, ever. Partially why this is a short email.
   - So I had to leave my perfect, wonderful fam of Porto 1 and it was ROUGH. We really worked on the member relationships there, like focused hard hard hard on it and the results were amazing. Not just for the food :) but also in teaching with members, member references (which I have never had until now but THEY ROCK!!!!) the works. I fell in love with this ward and I wont ever forget it <3
   - Speaking of member referals, WE GOT LIKE 7 THIS WEEK AND WE DIDNT EVEN KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH OURSELVES. We went to an FHE on Monday night and our member was like "oh by the way we invited my sister and nephew and their families and they want to learn about the gospel, hope you dont mind" and we are just like UHHHH PODE SER I GUESS THAT SOUNDS PRETTY ALRIGHT. Man the Lord was literally SHOWERING blessings down on us in Porto. So gratefulllllllllllllllllllllllll
    - Thats about all I got. I had to leave my favorite district fam to which NO ONE ELSE IS LEAVING (again, why is this my curse) and I definitely spent time listening to sad Christmas music and crying over my suitcases. But all in all I am excited to be here in Foz and for all the milagres to come!!

OK LOVE YOU GUYS. Dang, I actually wrote more than I thought I would. Rest assured I am alive and well and after a 40986 hour nap and some 7up and crackers I will be back on track. Love you all so muchhhhhh FIQUEM BEM GENTE

xoxoxoxxoxox bjs Sis P


OMG WAIT I JUST THOUGHT OF ONE MORE HILARIOUS STORY. So we got our house disinfected because the elders were trying to be good to us and after we had bed bugs they got an exterminator to come (perks of the office am I right). Obviously we dont have bed bugs but still, the thought that counts.

BUT ANYWAY. We couldnt stay in our house for the night so we went and hit it up with Porto 2 in their teeny teeny little house and IT WAS A ROCKIN SLEEPOVER, getting the dream team back together. But to accomplish this we had to drive with the elders to their apartment to get their extra mattresses (I suggested a district sleepover, it was not taken well by the fam. JUST JOKES EVERYBODY) and then go there... Only they didnt have blankets or sheets or pillows. Or hot water. But it was still rockin!! And when they elders brought us our mattresses they forgot to shut the door to their apartment, which is literally out in the middle of the street in THE MIDDLE OF PORTO. Hahaha good thing all anybody can steal in missionary houses is like, some pamphlets..... Anyway, it was all one crazy adventure and again, I will miss this district fam.

Monday, November 16, 2015

The bed bugs are a lie and all is well

FAM. WHAT UP. TUDO BEM?!?! Another rockin week has passed us by out in Porto 1! And the most exciting news I have to share comes from the subject line: THE BED BUGS ARE A LIE. Yes ladies and gentlemen, after about 3 thousand hours of ironing our mattresses Sis A and I thought to ourselves: you know what would be funny? If this WASNT bed bugs. So we went to a pharmacy, got some allergy medicine, and within like 4 days the "bites" have all gone away. I would be annoyed but I am too busy being grateful. THERE ARE NO BED BUGS AND THE CHURCH IS TRUE FAM.

As for other happenins from this week:
   - Tuesday we had a zone conference and even after weeks and weeks and weeks of love and cookies, WE STILL GOT PICKED ON BY THE APs TO DO A PRATICA. IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE ZONE. I guess it actually wasnt a big deal but Sister Anderson and I werent too thrilled. Afterwords they had a "scale" to grade us on based on Portuguese, our testimonies, the works. Luckily there are those in our zone that ARE grateful for our wonderful baking skills so they were being really nice but still, one of the most terrifying moments of my life
   - Elder Merkle´s birthday was this week so we, being the wonderful district fam that we are, threw a giant princess (shoutout to Sister Anderson´s bday decorations) surprise party in the chapel and it was completely glorious. We also made a chocolate cake that I most likely gained 15 pounds or so off of because IT WAS THAT GOOD. I knew it would be bad as I was mixing butter and vegetable oil together to make the cake... but so worth it
   - There is yet another Saint in Portugal that lets us celebrate yet another holiday based off food: this time it was Magosto. Not sure what Magosto did or why he is important, but I do know we celebrate the man with roasted chestnuts and soup, two just glorious wintery combinations. Add to that a couple of old ladies in the ward that sang Fado and you have a classic Portugese ward activity. I love these people too much
   - Transfers are next week and I already have 3 transfers here, so Sis A and I are thinking Im going to leave Porto, so we had THE MOST GIANT PORTO PDAY EVER and saw absolutely everything we possibly could. At least 6 or so ancient cathedrals, the torre dos clergios, EVERYTHING. AND MAY I JUST SAY I LOVE THIS CITY. Ive spent half my mission here and still can never get enough :)

Ok thats actually about it, I guess this week was a lot less exciting than I thought. But just know that I am happy and healthy and also that THE CHURCH IS TRUE and missionary work is the best. I love you all, thanks for the love and prayers!!

xoxoxoxxox beijinhos Sis P


Thats right folks, for the first time in about 205938203598 months yall will actually see my face again. Try to avoid comments on the extra weight and just know that I am being fed well here in Portugal :)

1. This is from a while ago but GUESS WHAT PORTUGAL IS BEAUTIFUL

2. Portooooooooooooooo

Monday, November 9, 2015


What up friends and fam!! Another week down here in Porto 1B and it was another rockin one AS ALWAYS. Man are we blessed here in the great city of Porto. This was another one of those look-back-one-the-week-and-not-be-able-to-even-deal-with-how-many-blessings-we-have weeks. One of those member meals with references and happiness kind of weeks. Lets see hereeeeee
   - First off, as you can tell by the subject line, we had a fun little adventure with a few friends. Lets just say that I have been noticing some hives on my body for a while now and then they started getting a little intense so I asked the office casal (since Sister Ransom is a grandma and grandmas know everything) to look at my weird arm hives and she IMMEDIATELY was like "DO YOU SLEEP ON THIS SIDE OF YOUR BODY" and I was like "YES WHY ARE WE SHOUTING" and she was like "YOU HAVE BED BUGS, SUCKAS". She of course didnt say that but its what I heard. Thats right fam, we are living the full mission experience here in Portugal with our little friends. I never thought I would spend 3 hours ironing and seran wrapping mattresses, but here we are. At least my years and years of being a dumb teenager and seran wrapping peoples cars is finally coming in handy, just as I always knew it would. And apparently with all that work the bugs might die in a year or so!! A year hahahhahaha... hahah.... ha
   - BUT THIS WEEK WAS STILL GOOD DESPITE THE HIVES. We have this thing going for us called being sisters where the ward just loves us to death and we are not even sure why but we are RAKING IT IN. We literally spent like 3 bucks on groceries this week because we still had our fridge completely full because oh yeah, we eat basically every meal with members. Its maybe not good for my already-5-month-pregnant-looking belly but ITS GOOD FOR THE SOUL. As the ward members always say, "mais gorda mas mais FELIZ". True dat Portugal
   - We also somehow managed to find AMAZING people this week and we are not even sure how. For instance, one fam of ex-TJs with 4 kids that just moved here from Africa and also happened to COME TO CHURCH on Sunday which is Portugal is basically a miracle. Also some really cool jovens that just moved into our RC house and also just blessings blessings blessings
   - We just started instituting movie nights, where we take our fun group of African RCs and investigators down to the chapel and we watch church movies and its the best thing we have ever done. That and introducing them all to chips and salsa
   - It was our turn to cook for family night this week and what do you know, Sis Anderson goes ALL MARIE CALLANDER on it and whips out this crazy amazing homemade chicken pot pie that everyone was afraid to eat, but then did eat, and have been worshipping her ever since. Me too fam, me too
   - You should also all know that I am currently writing you all in a dinasoar onsie because yes, we did just have a chicken and waffle pj party for district p day in the capela. My idea, obviously. No regrets.


xoxoxoxoxxo beijinhos Sis P

Monday, November 2, 2015


First off, remember when I wrote that as my email title after having made it through 3 weeks of the MTC and thinking that was a challenge? Awwwwww Sis P. I had no idea.

Second, THATS RIGHT FOLKS, THIS GIRL HITS 9 MONTHS THIS WEEK! Its actually kind of the worst because I still feel like a complete baby in the mission and now Im turning into one of the old folks and I STILL HAVE SO MUCH TO LEARN AND NOT ENOUGH TIME. BUT I LOVE THE MISSION AND I AM SO HAPPY TO BE HERE FAMMMMMM

Also official announcement to any and all married friends and family: you can now feel free to be as pregnant as you want. GO FOR IT. HAVE BABIES. I WILL BE THERE FOR THEM WHEN THEY COME.

Ok so basically I have no time but heres some fun happenings from this week:
   - HALLOWEEN. Mission holidays are actually the best because we dont have any expectations and then something fun happens and we are like YEAH FUN. But Sis A and I carved pumpkins, made 9025820580 cookies, and did cute little disney 5 second costumes (mission life, no time for pics sorry fam)
   - The cookies never actually made it to our Halloween party and THE ELDERS ATE EVERY LAST ONE. No surprises there am I right
   - We had this massive Halloween multi-stake party with tons of food and missionaries in really dorky costumes and Amial even did this slightly Satanic "corridor do terror" so thats a bonus. But it was actually super fun and yay for mission holidays
   - Sis A and I accidentally got separated on the metro again (LOLZZZZZZZ) which turned into me telling the elders which turned into them thinking we had a huge fight and we were avoiding each other and then there was SO MUCH DRAMA LLAMA and it was completely ridiculous. If I have learned one thing on the mission, it is that elders have tons of drama. Seriously though.

Ok thats all for this week fam sorry for the lame email. I guess since Im halfway through I should leave some amazing advice or something.... LOLZ. Just know that the church is real true and the book is blue and everything is great. I love the mission and Portugal and everything. AND ALL OF YOU THANKS FOR EVERYTHING FAM

xoxoxoxoxxoxoxox Sis P