Monday, November 30, 2015


Is that even how that song goes?! I tried.

SO MY FIRST WEEK IN FOZ HAPPENED AND IT WAS ROCKIN. For real, this area is beautiful DEMAIS and kinda perfect, the beach is like 4 hot seconds away from our house and it is COMPLETELY CRAZY, I have never lived this close to the ocean ever BUT IT IS THE BEST.

And I had to say puttin on the ritz because LITERALLY EVERYONE HERE IS A BAZILLIONAIRE. SERIOUSLY THOUGH. We spend our days counting jaguars and porsches and knocking apartment buildings that have doormen and red carpet and it is actually crazy. I am not classy enough to live here?!?! Most of my clothes came from thrift stores?!!?! Not sure what is actually happening

So for this week:
   - First off SISTER JOHNSON IS WAY PERFECT. We get along a little TOO good if you ask me. But really though, nothing but kicks and giggles out on the streets all day and sometimes we are like "oh hey maybe we should do contacts instead of just PARTYING ALL DAY". Just kidding, we actually work hard but you know, also grapevine and sing and have a great time
   - So Thanksgiving was this week!!!! Its not a thing here. At all. So we postponed our district meeting until Thursday and ate an obscene amount of pumpkin pie and then Sister Johnson and I whipped together our best Portuguese Thanksgiving dinner we possibly could. I was grateful for stuffing and gravy and I hope you all were too, because these are things that dont exist here and were sorely missed by yours truly
   - MIRACLES. THE LORDS HAND IS IN THE WORK FAM. I have been working more on seeing the Lords hand in everything here, and WOAH. IT IS THERE. This week we were pressing buttons to get into apartments, and the ones for casa 31 and 32 already said they werent interested, so when we got in the building I was like "eh we dont need to go up to the top floor its fine" but then part of me was like "dude wait what if there is elect people in casa 30" so I was like FINE and we went and knocked and IT WAS THE COOLEST FAMILY EVER. Seriously though, and THEY LET US COME IN RIGHT THEN which has basically never happened on my mission, ever. BÊNÇÃOS FAM. BÊNÇÃOS.
   - There is actually way more crazy amazing ish that goes down TODOS OS DIAS but I forget it all. Its super wonderful being in an area by ourselves, cause even though its a little lonely out here on this lone island, its cool to refocus and just do our work sozinhas and do our best! And I totally love it here!!
   - Also, THE WARD. IS SO GREAT. hahahahahah it is WAY different because there is 8% activity in this area and about 20 or so people that come every week. And the ambient is a lot different but that just means there is a ton of work for us to do and people to cheer up and bring back to church!! SO WE GOT THIS FAM!!

Anyway, I love you all tons and tons!! Dont forget to send me your Christmas cards!! Forreal though I want them all. Also, PLEASE PRAY FOR THIS AREA and specifically for the ala of Foz do Douro, we need all the love and prayers we can get!! LETS GET THIS WARD PUMPED UP FAM!!!!!!!!!

Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee to all!

xoxoxxoxoxxoxo bjs Sis P

Thanksgiving REALLY isnt a thing here but we did our very best :)

So I got all the pictures Sister Anderson has been diligently taking every week (good for her, she is the best) and so I guess I´ll start sending a couple every week or something!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!

1. LONG time ago, zone soccer game!


3. That one time Sis Anderson and I accidentally basically wore the exact same thing

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