Monday, November 16, 2015

The bed bugs are a lie and all is well

FAM. WHAT UP. TUDO BEM?!?! Another rockin week has passed us by out in Porto 1! And the most exciting news I have to share comes from the subject line: THE BED BUGS ARE A LIE. Yes ladies and gentlemen, after about 3 thousand hours of ironing our mattresses Sis A and I thought to ourselves: you know what would be funny? If this WASNT bed bugs. So we went to a pharmacy, got some allergy medicine, and within like 4 days the "bites" have all gone away. I would be annoyed but I am too busy being grateful. THERE ARE NO BED BUGS AND THE CHURCH IS TRUE FAM.

As for other happenins from this week:
   - Tuesday we had a zone conference and even after weeks and weeks and weeks of love and cookies, WE STILL GOT PICKED ON BY THE APs TO DO A PRATICA. IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE ZONE. I guess it actually wasnt a big deal but Sister Anderson and I werent too thrilled. Afterwords they had a "scale" to grade us on based on Portuguese, our testimonies, the works. Luckily there are those in our zone that ARE grateful for our wonderful baking skills so they were being really nice but still, one of the most terrifying moments of my life
   - Elder Merkle´s birthday was this week so we, being the wonderful district fam that we are, threw a giant princess (shoutout to Sister Anderson´s bday decorations) surprise party in the chapel and it was completely glorious. We also made a chocolate cake that I most likely gained 15 pounds or so off of because IT WAS THAT GOOD. I knew it would be bad as I was mixing butter and vegetable oil together to make the cake... but so worth it
   - There is yet another Saint in Portugal that lets us celebrate yet another holiday based off food: this time it was Magosto. Not sure what Magosto did or why he is important, but I do know we celebrate the man with roasted chestnuts and soup, two just glorious wintery combinations. Add to that a couple of old ladies in the ward that sang Fado and you have a classic Portugese ward activity. I love these people too much
   - Transfers are next week and I already have 3 transfers here, so Sis A and I are thinking Im going to leave Porto, so we had THE MOST GIANT PORTO PDAY EVER and saw absolutely everything we possibly could. At least 6 or so ancient cathedrals, the torre dos clergios, EVERYTHING. AND MAY I JUST SAY I LOVE THIS CITY. Ive spent half my mission here and still can never get enough :)

Ok thats actually about it, I guess this week was a lot less exciting than I thought. But just know that I am happy and healthy and also that THE CHURCH IS TRUE and missionary work is the best. I love you all, thanks for the love and prayers!!

xoxoxoxxox beijinhos Sis P


Thats right folks, for the first time in about 205938203598 months yall will actually see my face again. Try to avoid comments on the extra weight and just know that I am being fed well here in Portugal :)

1. This is from a while ago but GUESS WHAT PORTUGAL IS BEAUTIFUL

2. Portooooooooooooooo

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  1. I think you look beautiful as ever! and of course, you have a wonderful aunt that gets all this info up here so quickly...