Monday, November 2, 2015


First off, remember when I wrote that as my email title after having made it through 3 weeks of the MTC and thinking that was a challenge? Awwwwww Sis P. I had no idea.

Second, THATS RIGHT FOLKS, THIS GIRL HITS 9 MONTHS THIS WEEK! Its actually kind of the worst because I still feel like a complete baby in the mission and now Im turning into one of the old folks and I STILL HAVE SO MUCH TO LEARN AND NOT ENOUGH TIME. BUT I LOVE THE MISSION AND I AM SO HAPPY TO BE HERE FAMMMMMM

Also official announcement to any and all married friends and family: you can now feel free to be as pregnant as you want. GO FOR IT. HAVE BABIES. I WILL BE THERE FOR THEM WHEN THEY COME.

Ok so basically I have no time but heres some fun happenings from this week:
   - HALLOWEEN. Mission holidays are actually the best because we dont have any expectations and then something fun happens and we are like YEAH FUN. But Sis A and I carved pumpkins, made 9025820580 cookies, and did cute little disney 5 second costumes (mission life, no time for pics sorry fam)
   - The cookies never actually made it to our Halloween party and THE ELDERS ATE EVERY LAST ONE. No surprises there am I right
   - We had this massive Halloween multi-stake party with tons of food and missionaries in really dorky costumes and Amial even did this slightly Satanic "corridor do terror" so thats a bonus. But it was actually super fun and yay for mission holidays
   - Sis A and I accidentally got separated on the metro again (LOLZZZZZZZ) which turned into me telling the elders which turned into them thinking we had a huge fight and we were avoiding each other and then there was SO MUCH DRAMA LLAMA and it was completely ridiculous. If I have learned one thing on the mission, it is that elders have tons of drama. Seriously though.

Ok thats all for this week fam sorry for the lame email. I guess since Im halfway through I should leave some amazing advice or something.... LOLZ. Just know that the church is real true and the book is blue and everything is great. I love the mission and Portugal and everything. AND ALL OF YOU THANKS FOR EVERYTHING FAM

xoxoxoxoxxoxoxox Sis P

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