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For real fam, winter freaking CHEGOU. But the rain and gloom and coldness cant stop me from all my CHRISTMAS SPIRIT BECAUSE I AM GOING CRAZY. CHRISTMAS CHRISTMAS CHRISTMAS. I CANT STOP THINKING ABOUT CHRISTMAS. Unfortunately the people here arent too into Christmas but I cant stop wont stop and I will force everyone here to love it as much as me, mark my words fam.

We also dont know where we are actually going for Christmas because only like 10 of our members are active and they are all going out of town...................... Whoops. Possibly asking Presidente if I can go back to Gaia for Christmas.... !!! Prayers needed

But ANYWAY this week:
   - THE GROUNDBREAKING FOR THE TEMPLE HAPPENED AND IT ROCKED MY SOCKS OFF AS WELL AS THE SOCKS OF ALL THE GOOD PEOPLE HERE IN THE WONDERFUL COUNTRY OF PORTUGAL!!! Seriously though, it was actually the greatest. THE. GREATEST. The ceremony was super spiritual and powerful and this all means SO MUCH to the members here. Right after we watched it there was an older lady from a different ward that just kept say "agora é só um poucadinho": now its just a little while. They have been waiting so long, so very very long for this, and it is seriously amazing that the time is now for it all to happen!!
   - So surprise of all surprises, my new district is ACTUALLY hilarious and amazing. There is a Brazilian elder in the district who I thought wouldnt be funny because you know, Portuguese and all that, but DONT JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER because he turns out to be the goofiest person on the planet. Like we were at a baptism the other day and a greenie was baptizing, so he had to do it like 5 times and all of us were being really awkward and uncomfortable, and I look over and Elder Gomes is just nodding his head, happy as a clam and he goes "awwww yeah, ISSO é um batismo". Also he called to ask us to play the piano at a zone meeting and he was saying the hymn but I couldnt figure out what it was, because you know, Portuguese and all, so I was like "oh elder podes cantar um pouco para que possa saber melhor o hino?" and he goes "ta bem. Mas NAO FALA POR NINGUEM". So so so funny. I am actually STILL laughing about it.
   - Speaking of piano, I may have accidentally mentioned to someone that I sort of play a little piano and guess who is now the ward pianist?!?!?! HahahahahahahaAHAHAHAHAHA yeah. I was roughing it big time yesterday in sacrament meeting when they whipped out some random Portuguese hymn that doesnt exist in english and has 3 flats. I guess I really shouldve practiced more as a child... YOU WIN MOM, YOU WIN
   - We took on the responsibility of decorating the chapel and WE WENT CRAZY with Christmas spirit and all that. I will see if Sis Johnson has pics I can send bc it actually rocks. Although in the process Sis Johnson DEFINITELY fell down the stairs hahahahah just another day on the mission
   - No surprises here, but AP McGhie has outdone himself YET AGAIN in planning the biggest, craziest Christmas party ever. Like, he had his parents ship in 15 thousand candy canes that hes giving away as part of presents for people that come. 15 THOUSAND. We spend all day every day inviting people with glossy convites to this party of his so we will see what goes down here in 2 weeks fam
  - The greatest thing of my mission happened yesterday. MY LOVE OF ONE DIRECTION HAS SUCCESSFULLY HELPED WITH THE WORK HERE. Maybe there are those of you who doubted but what do you know, One Direction really is the best. We were doing some less active visits and Renata, this 12 year that I love to death, had saved a little 1D thing for me and I was obviously freaking out about it because I am still 10 years old, and bispo was like "WAIT YOU LIKE ONE DIRECTION MY DAUGHTER LOVES ONE DIRECTION" and I was like "HECK YES I LOVE ONE DIRECTION U KNOW IT BRAH". Also background: bispos whole family is less active. Soooooooooooooooo we went over to bispos house and I had an absolute 1D PARTY with his 14 year old daughter and she and I were going crazy and being excited and it was the best. Bispo later called us and told us that he feels like we are going to be the sisters that help bring his family back to the gospel. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best phone call ever. One direction really does help fam!!!!!!!

Alright I was trying to send a longer email this week and I CLEARLY succeeded. I seriously love love love being a missionary. The members in Portugal are AMAZING and I adore them. It is such a privilege to serve here and be a part of this all. Thanks for all your love and support, dont forget to spread the Christmas spirit and your testimonies!!


xoxoxoxoxoxo bjsssssssssss Sis P



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