Monday, April 13, 2015


(editors note: not sure if I got the right pictures in the right spot... I might have reversed Porto and Avintes... just FYI)


2. Still Porto

3. Avintes, my favorite place it´s SO BEATIFUL

4. Still Avintes

Another week bites the dust here in GAIA! It´s beautiful and the people are still crazy but wonderful and I love love love PORTUGAL! It can definitely be hard, don´t get me wrong, and I still don´t at all speak the language, but it´s such a privilege to be here and be doing the Lord´s work. WOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Anyway, THIS WEEK! WAS SO GOOD!!! I THINK!!! I literally don´t remember basically anything that happened. We talked to a lot of people and knocked a lot of doors and taught a lot of lessons? More people told me that my skin is really pale?!!? People kept speaking to us in English after they heard how bad my Portuguese is?!? In other words, the norm.

We did have a zone conference this week for Easter and it was CRAZY good! President and Sister Fluckiger came up so I got to finally get to know them a little better, and they´re incredible. So loving and SO involved in the work. They seriously work so so hard to make this mission powerful. Love em! We had some good talks, some good practices, and some solid videos. I even understood some of it, so that was a bonus.

Remember that Capo Verdian AP that said I speak Portuguese pretty okay last week?!?! Well, right before the conference he called to ask if I would say the proposito, but he called the other sisters first cause he didn´t have our phone number, and Sister Harper told him to be nice and speak English to me on the phone since I was new. AND THEN he said he didn´t need to speak english, since I speak the best Portuguese OF ANY NEW SISTER HE´S EVER HEARD!! WHAT WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTt I was trying so hard to be cool when Sister Harper told me that but I may or may not have had a 10 minute dance party after that one. I don´t really understand it cause I literally think my Portuguese is horrific but HEY I´LL TAKE IT!! The members too, say I speak well and people in Portugal are pretty blunt so I like to think they mean it. Seriously though, I feel like I´m actually getting worse at this language, not better....

Claudia is supposed to be baptized this Saturday and we REALLY REALLY hope it all works out! Faith and prayers fam needed fam! She has to go through both her parents who are both skeptical, and she herself isn´t all that stoked for it. But she´s so prepared! She goes to church every week and had a 20 minute conversation with us about the Book of Mormon yesterday... GAH she´s so ready, I just wish she could see that and how important it is. But still, she is marked and we´re making plans and definitely fasting, like more than once, for this. VAMOS VER!! COM MUITO FÉ!!

Also can I just say we are SO very very blessed here. The ward is incredible and has really started to be more and more missionary minded now that we have our district here. They´re always willing to do lessons with us (this is RARE in Portugal friends) the Moças have been amazing at fellowshipping Claudia, the bispo gives us shoutouts in church and stuff, and our stake president who is also the ward mission leader works ENDLESSLY to help us out. I absolutely love it here! 

That´s literally all I can remember. Portugal is the best. Hard and the best. Thanks for all the love and support, I think about all of yall all the time and just love yall to pieces. I miss yall so so much but I wouldn´t be doing anything else than this! MUITO MUITO AMOR FAM!!!!!!

Sister Parkinson

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