Monday, April 27, 2015


So transfers were this week, kind of. Hahaha Sister Pereira and I are sticking together for another 6 weeks right here in Gaia! I'm stoked, Sister Pereira's incredible and this area is amazing and the ward is like my second family. Sister Pereira's probably a little less happy, since she's already been here 5 months and I'm always late to everything and she has to do everything cause I don't speak Portuguese. Whoops. PRAYS4PEREIRA2015. 

But we did loose Baugh and Jensen in our district fam. Seriously though, our district got really close (or I just get attached to people really fast I guess) so I was weeping once again as we dropped off our dear sweet sister and DL this morning. It's a real problem for me. But the dream team, Sister Harper and Elder Biannuci (my two favorite people in the whole world) are STICKING TOGETHER FOR ONE MORE GO AROUND. And Sister Harper is TRAINING which I'm crazy excited about because it means I won't be the baby anymore! And I'll finally not be the worst one at Portuguese in our district! Just close to the worst one!

Anyway, more important things. Like THIS WEEK. HOLY COW FAM. THIS WEEK WAS INCREDIBLE. Long and hard at the beginning, since we had a lot of appointments fall and a lot of rain and a lot of contacting and divisions with our crazy STLs, who only speak Portuguese and who aren't actually that nice (whoops), but then it was incredible. As in, JOAO GOT BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY WHAT WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. That's right fam, the sketchy pirate we met on the street 4 weeks ago has completely turned his life around and is now a member of the true church of Jesus Christ. LIFE IS SO GOOD.

Seriously though, it was amazing. Joao is so incredibly prepared. Every lesson we have he just loves, and the members absolutely ADORE him (great for us, we get to accompany the man to dinner appointments). The baptism itself was super spiritual and watching his face after coming out of the water..... GAH. There's just no way to even describe it. He bore his testimony after about how he'd been feeling empty, really empty and really depressed in his life, and right when he was feeling the worst was when he meet two sister missionaries (this is me fam. THIS IS ME.) and how even though he doesn't look that different on the outside, he's completely changed on the inside. Yes fam, this is OUR convert. He's seriously amazing and I can't wait to see where this new life takes him! We're trying to decide if we're going to convince him to serve a mission or just set him up with the cute RM sister in our ward.... Hm...... Vamos ver! 

As for other news, there's not much to tell! We spent a lot of time working on that baptism and then a lot of time celebrating that baptism, so that was pretty much our week. As I told Sister Pereira, a missionary baptism is like Christmas! And you can't work on Christmas! (I realize this is the wrong attitude to have but ya know.... tem que ser. New transfer fam, we'll work hard again I promise).

OHHHHHHH HILARIOUS STORY WAIT FOR IT FAM. So remember how I gave that talk at Andre's baptism last week?!?!?! So Andre actually speaks perfect English and we had a lunch with him on Friday, so we all just spoke English, naturally. He's from Brazil so it's really really hard for him to understand us missionaries in our not-very-good Portuguese with the Portugal accent. Remember how I said he put his head in his hands last week during my talk at his baptism?!?! He told us at the lunch that he was laughing a little at my BOA TARGE joke and then I started in on the actually talk and he had NO idea what I was saying, no clue, so he was trying to keep himself from laughing the whole time. He literally said he was sitting there thinking, Lord please forgive me but I'm going to pretend like I'm praying right now. So he wouldn't laugh the whole time I was speaking. YEAH PORTUGUESE. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

Anyway, I have to go. I love y'all lots and lots and lots and think about you all the time. Do good and be good fam! FICA BEM TCHAU TCHAU BEJINHOSSSSSSSSSSSSS

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  1. No pictures this time... yet?! Your aunt really is great to provide this blog...