Monday, June 15, 2015

Okay, so maybe transfers arent actually the worst

WHAT UP FRIENDS AND FAM! In case youve been keeping up with the storyline here, last week I was absolutely weeping about transfers because all of my friends all left me all at once. And it was definitely pretty rough and I miss the party district of Gaia, but the funny thing is, when Heavenly Father takes things away He also gives you new people to love and new opportunities. So with that, transfers are actually pretty okay.

First things first, SISTER SMITH IS SO GREAT! Its actually a major problem but we unfortunately get along a little TOO well, and will accidentally talk all through lunch and realize a couple hours later that we needed to be on the road. Whoops. But she love the work and shes an absolutely INCREDIBLE teacher, so Im stoked to learn tons from her this new transfer. And also to reconcencrate ourselves and stop talking about movies until midnight :)

And second, the MEMBERS. ARE. SO. INCREDIBLE. I already loved them to death, but since Im the last one standing of the group that all left, theyre finally shooting some love back and it is the best. As in, bishop bearing his testimony about the missionaries, getting emotional and saying that he feels like we sisters are his daughters. THAT kind of "the best". Man I love this ward with all of my heart! Im so so lucky to be here!

Another HUGE blessing and incredible story comes from sweet sweet Xeca and her husband Avelino. Xeca has been inactive for about 8 years but she got to be good friends with the sisters and inviting them over, so she started coming back to church every now and then. Shes also the member we always invited to do lessons with Joao, who in Soc Soc one day bore her testimony about how doing those lessons reminded her about why this all was important and was now coming back to church. SCORE RIGHT?!

So basically Avelino isnt a member but theyve always had the goal to go to the temple, for years, theyve just been waiting for the right moment. The sisters were starting to very smoothly teach Avelino, but because of the whitewash hes now our investigator. We taught our first lesson with him on Thursday and it was THE MOST. INCREDIBLE. LESSON. OF. MY. MISSION. I wish I knew how to describe it! We taught the plan of salvation and the Spirit was so incredibly strong it was TANGIBLE. He was so receptive and you could tell he was feeling it as well... So then at the end he we asked him to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized and, no hesitation, he said "vou. vou segiur". Oh man. I started bawling like a baby and babbling on about how much it would mean for him and Xeca and blah blah blah but basically it was just one of the happiest, happiest moments of my life!

Sometimes it can be hard to remember our purpose out here as we trek around talking to people who really arent interested, but when we get to lessons like that it is just ALL worth it. Especially people who I love with all of my heart and now get to play even the tiniest role in having them sealed in the temple... WHAT A HUGE HUGE BLESSING. Missionary work is pretty great familia. I can still get tired and discouraged and homesick, cause its definitely not easy, but I have met the most incredible people and had the most incredible experiences and wouldnt trade any of that for anything in the world. THERE IS SO MUCH HAPPINESS IN THE WORK OF THE LORD.

Also speaking of Xeca, since the other sisters are gone we are her best friends now and I absolutely do not mind one bit because she is my favorite person on the planet. We may or may not go over there 3 to 4 times a week... And when we arent over, she calls us to see how we are doing and I accidentally end up having hour long conversations with her. WHOOPS. Who knew Id ever actually be successful at making friends in Portugese?!? SMALL SUCCESSES FAM

Love yall lots and lots. Dont forget to pray for missionary work and all that! Even the smallest things make a huge difference. FICA BEM FAMILIA


Sister Parkinson

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