Monday, June 1, 2015



2. The time we went to Avintes with our crazy million year old eternigator in this tiny tiny car and basically almost died 823958 times or so

3. This place looked like Pemberly so obviously we had to take a picture

5. Telerifico over beautiful Gaia

6. Starfish at Sealife of Porto!!

HELLO FRIENDS AND FAM! What is good what is good! So Im still in Portugal, still in Gaia, and still a missionary. The weeks start to be more and more the same and I bet my emails are getting mega boring, so sorry about that. MISSIONARY LIFEEEEEEE

So first good news, if things dont work out for me at home I have plenty of people that are interested here in Portugal. As in, during a street contact the other day the 11 year son of the lady kept shouting "ES MUITO BONITA! ES TAO LINDA!" at me and getting very uncomfortably close to me. I handled it well, Id say, hiding behind Sister Pereira. And afterwords, we contact a man who was more or less 9028456925 years old and told me all about how hes been waiting for a woman to come around to replace his wife, and hes pretty sure that woman is me. Hmmmmmmmmmm. Like I said, if I have trouble dating after the mission Ive always got the 11 year olds and the 4 billion year olds to rely on!

We also had divisions this week, which are always a little awkward since the STLs always seem to be natives and love to tell me how bad my Portuguese is. Hahahaha I dont know what happened, people used to be reasonably impressed with my Portuguese, now theyve been slamming it all week and making fun of my American accent. I guess I should actually work harder during language study instead of just looking at the pictures in all the Portuguese Liahonas....

BUT the GREAT thing about the division is that I was with Sister Da Luz, who loves Africans and chases down every African she sees in the street, meaning we found and contacted GABRIEL! Hes a jovem with 20 years and HE IS SO RAD. We had the first lesson with him yesterday and it was a solid 2 hours, because he was asking some really great questions and it was just so cool. Oh, and hed rather we speak in English so BONUS I ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND WHAT IS GOING ON IN THE LESSONS.

Okay but really cool experience time: maybe just because its in Portuguese and we give it so often, I think Ive gotten in the habit of not really giving the First Vision with as much power as it should be. But I had to give it in English with Gabriel yesterday, and 1st: I DONT KNOW IT IN ENGLISH but I just starting saying it and the words came to me. I didnt know how it was going to turn out but the hand of the Lord is in those lessons fam! and 2nd: I finally payed attention to the words again, and it is just so powerful. The Spirit absolutely FILLED the room and it was such a great reminder that yes, this is all true! After I bore my testimony and said that I could really feel that all of this was true and Gabriel said "yeah, I can see that on your face". SO COOL. Im so stoked to keep teaching him!

Also, Sister Periera and I got to be in the room and watch as Joao got the aaronic priesthood! SO UNBELIEVABLY COOL. Its crazy to see how much hes changed, from being a smoking pirate on the street to getting ready to BLESS THE SACRAMENT !!!! Next week. We are very weirdly proud moms and Im not even a little bit upset about it. Hey, missionary work is cool fam!

Thats about all! We also had a ward activity that was FABULOUS with tons and tons of investigators and less actives, got into have a bunch of member dinners, and have 4 MARCADOS for this weekend! Pray pray pray and we will see a lot of miracles and baptisms here at the end of this transfer!

Thanks for all the love and support from all. You guys are the absolute best and I love you all! FICA BEM FAMILIA! STAY GOLD

Sister Parkinson

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