Tuesday, May 26, 2015


(NOTE: With the holiday, the editor forgot to update the page so this is a day late..)

What up to my friends and fam and a big, happy OLA from Gaia! So I get in this bad habit of just kind of leisurely enjoying people´s emails and responding with novels and then being like HEY I should probably actually send out an email for the peeps to read when theres about 0 hot seconds left to do that. So this´ll be short.

- everybody dropped us. Practically. Mostly. Basically everyone. Not sure what happened but we´re back to square one since so many different people have decided they really aren´t interested in the gospel of Jesus Christ. It kinda sucks but THE WORK CONTINUES and now we get to find new! In the 4986372 degree weather! So stoked. So very very stoked.  
- But joking aside, missionary work is pretty great. Our dear recent convert Joao has been kinda MIA lately just because of his work schedule, but we finally got to see him again this week and teach him the 2nd lesson again, and I was actually crying and being such a proud mom listening to him answer our questions. We taught him so good! We got to temples and he said "oh that´s where you do baptisms for the dead and get married for time and all eternity" and I very excitedly shouted ISSO FREAKING MESMO JOAO!!!! And I think he was pretty freaked out but what can I say, it´s our convert and I´m pretty happy about it
- We thought we weren´t going to have a SOUL in church yesterday, and then, miracle of miracles, we had 4 PESQUISADORES which is a record for this area! Unfortunately to do so we had to arrange rides for 2 4 billion year old ladies who live 100 years away from the church, and then run about 6 miles back to the church in the heat. Sister Pereira was about 100 feet in front of me with her hair casually tossing in the wind practically filming a Garnier commercial and I was in the back, shedding actual tears and thinking about all the ways I could call President and explain to him that I was going home. Yeahhhh running isn´t really my strength.  
- So Sister Harper and I bought this really hideous matching nightgowns from the Chinese stores and maybe wore them to district meeting?! Where we played True Mormon, our own fabulous version of true American from New Girl?! Maybe we´re too good of friends with our district....  
- If anyone happens to see any promotionals for Sea Life in Porto, we´re in those commercials. Fun fact.

That´s all I got, sorry if these emails are getting pretty lame but thanks for all the love and support from everyone all over the world, you guys are the best and the CHURCH IS TRUE! MUCH LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Sister Parkinson

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