Monday, May 18, 2015


WHAT UP FRIENDS AND FAM!! I have nearly no time, since all the computers in the library were taken and we just barely got on, so I´ll keep it quick: WE DID MISSIONARY WORK THIS WEEK! We talked to some people and shared the gospel and taught some lessons and it was great.

Some quick fun things about this week:
 - Elder Bianucci being in charge of the district meeting game this week means a rousing round of "church history soda pong". I´ll send pictures when I get the chance  

- Our always good-looking recent convert Andre blessed the sacrament this week and I LITERALLY started bawling. I honestly don´t know what came over me, just seeing him up there in his suit doing his thing, I was such a proud mom. I was also sitting on the stand so it was really embarrasing and everybody was uncomfortable. Especially Andre.

 - My companion´s boyfriend got his mission call and HE´S GOING TO AFGHANISTANNNNNNNNNNNN. At least, this is what we thought. I swear the mission map was partially in that country.... Anyway, she was weeping while the rest of us are shouting about terrorists and how he´s going to die and it was all pretty exciting. Turns out he is opening a new mission in Eurasia central, but it just BORDERS Afghanistan and includes other scary Stans like Uzbeckistan and Kazakstan, so he has a slightly lower but still prominant chance of dying. My companion still cries about it while I very supportively make terrorist jokes. COMP OF THE YEAR AWARD

 - On Sunday we had church in the morning, stayed after because Andre made us all cake because we "heart-attacked" his door for his birthday and he was just so grateful, went to lunch at the stake presidents house, came back to church for choir and then institute, and then went to a different family´s house for dinner. I call that a great day of missionary work right there. Sister Pereira said something about "not getting anything done" but who knows what she´s talking about am I right     That´s about it! I love you all lots and lots and lots and I miss yall tons. Have a good week and FICA BEM FAM!!


(Editors Note: picture once again stolen from the sister serving in the same area as Carly... so have no idea who these people are!)

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