Monday, May 11, 2015


WHAT IS UP FAMILIA!! ANOTHER WEEK HAPPENED! And it was about the same as every other week. Missions, am I right?! When I first got here everything was so new and different that I couldnt understand why people would write mega short emails home to the family every week (not naming any names or anything.... But Alecs emails were like a sentence a week) but now I get it. Oh, we taught 30 something lessons this week?! And contacted a billion people and did weird things?! Whats new, right??!

I did get to Skype the fam and it was CRAZY fun. You guys looked good! And it was also good to hear that yall dont think Im fat just yet. Wait a couple weeks fam, we are headed that direction real soon.... But seriously, it was great. We skyped in Xecas house, shes this crazy MA in our ward that is literally hilarious and has us over for dinner all the time and makes the best food in the world. She was really working the english with you guys, I particularly liked when she said "your daughter is going to eat my house!" Yes Xeca. Yes.

Anyways, other than that it was a pretty normal week! We had a lot of member support this week and a TON of member present lessons which really are just a whole lot better than regular lessons. Especially with how much Portuguese people talk, we hardly have to do anything! They just take the whole lessons into their hands... Not but really there was one day, Quinta I think? That we had 4 member lessons in a row, one after another, in the capela. This does NOT happen in Portugal people. We are crazy crazy blessed in Gaia! I am so lucky to be here. The amount of dinners we have, and ward support and all that, it is just unheard of. Its great because people who go to Gaia tend to stay here for 6 months or so and I am SO fine with it.

I never remember to do quotes of the week so heres a good one. During district meeting we were supposed to be taking the "christlike attributes" quiz in PME and figuring out what our average was, so here came a great quote from Elder Bianucci: "YES! Looks like Im just above sometimes doing the right thing!"

Thats literally 0% of all the good times that happen here. Our district is one big family and we are always having crazy pizza parties and eating francezinhas and being friends and its the best. I love em to death!

Seriously, Im very blessed to be here. Sometimes its hard to be away from family and friends and be 49025 miles away from home but in the short time Ive been here Ive already met people, investigators and members and missionaries, that have changed my life. And its FUN! Hard, but crazy fun. Miss you all lots and lot and love yall tons. FICA BEM FAM!!

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