Monday, August 10, 2015


WHAT UP FAM!!! Another week has passed and in a few short hours (more like 10 but still) I will have reached 20 YEARS OF VIDA!! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?!?! The good news is, I can assure all of you that while I am slightly older I have not matured at all. Not even a little bit. I am still a teenager at heart. Im sure you are all pleased to hear this.

SO THIS WAS KIND OF A CRAZY WEEK. Everyday is an adventure here with Sister Wood because we are both kind of crazy so we kind of just do crazy things all the time and its kind of the best. Some highlights:

   - We were having the worst day ever and no one wanted to talk to us so we were like WE NEED MCDONALDS. WE DESERVE MCDONALDS RIGHT NOW. But it was already almost time to go home and we live super far away so we took the first bus we saw, just kind of prayed that it would take us to McDonalds (it did. THE LORD BLESSES HIS MISSIONARIES FAM) so we ran in an bought like 16 cheeseburgers and then had to SPRINT home while eating 2 cheeseburgers at a time on the street so the other sisters wouldnt witness our shameful Mcdonalds trip. I kind of regretted it but I also dont think I have made a better decision in my life ever.
   - Our district leader started this crazy complex Yahtzee game for all of us duplas to compete in and see who gets the most Yahtzee points for the day. We started off pretty uninterested until he announced the prize: FREE FRANCEZINHAS FOR THE WINNING DUPLA. In other words, we have been going HARD all week. That has led to us doing a lot of rather interesting things that we normally wouldnt have done... Like chasing people down on the streets and contacting in super crazy gypsy neighborhoods and things like that. ALL IN THE NAME OF YAHTZEE.
   - So we were trying to find a family we had contact on the road and we walked passed a sleeping dog, who turned out to be RAVENOUS and EVIL and stared chasing us down the street and it nearly bit my hand off and Im still not sure Ive recovered from it
   - As it turns out I am in the absolute BEST district I ever could be to celebrate a birthday. Our district is just me and Sister Wood and the office elders, but our district leader is in the office and he was born to be a host. Seriously, he has been planning this crazy massive taco party for after District Meeting for me all week and preparing different dips and swapping recepies with the old couple in the office and TUDO, bless his heart. It will be a dia de FESTA com certeza.

Anyway, Im already basically out of time. The mission is the craziest thing in the world, but its also the best and the happiest. Everyday is an adventure and a blessing and I kind of just love it. Its the hardest thing ever but also just the best. And I wouldnt want to celebrate 20 years of life anywhere else. LOVE YOU ALL, HAVE A GOOD WEEK!!!


Sister Parkinson

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