Monday, July 13, 2015

Futebol, Fatima, and Fransezinhas

WHAT UP FAMMMMMMM. As one member described to us this week, the 3 Fs that best describe here in Porto are Futebol (duh FC PORTO AM I RIGHT), Fatima (nossa senhora da Fatima) and Fransezinhas. A VIDA BOA.

But anywayyyyy HOW ARE YALL DOING?!? Things are as normal as ever here in Gaia. We walk a lot, talk to a lot of people, and teach a lot. The work goes on! BUT I don´t know if any of yall heard, but there has been some CRAZY mission prez drama up here. Our original presidente ended up being sent to the newest Mozambique (dont quote me on that spelling) mission so we got a NEW new president like 4 weeks ago? Presidente Amorim, who is from Brazil but has been living in the US for the last 20 years or so.

BUT his Visa only got started a month ago so its still not here, so right now we are SEM PRESIDENTE. IT IS SUCH A PARTY. Okay, not really, but there was one P day that we wanted to go to Porto so the elders said "you have to ask Presidente" and we said "what presidente?!?! LOL WE DONT HAVE ONEEEEEEEE" and it was all fun and games.... and then we called the 1st counselor in the mission presidency. Like I said, a PARTY.

But Prez Amorim is already sending lots of love even from the US and he sounds like he is the coolest guy ever. He is super hilarious and super intense and hard working and its going to be amazing once he actually gets here. In the meantime though, he wants to wait to interview all of us before he does transfers. Meaning WE ARENT ACTUALLY HAVING TRANSFERS NEXT WEEK. AHFKDJFHSDKFLHIEUH WOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Literally I have been praying the last couple of days that I could somehow stay in Gaia just a little bit longer. Let me tell you, God hears and answers prayers! Sometimes in the funniest ways, but now I have at least a week extra in Gaia and I cannot WAIT to make the most of it.

Random other weekly things:
   - We had the craziest, most UNREAL zone conference this week where the zone leaders did this intense discussion on the parable of the talents and how we can cuidar all of our "talents" in our areas and I was literally weeping and getting SO stoked for missionary work I couldnt even believe it. Having been in the same district of the zone leaders and knowing that they´re just massive goofballs I never would have expected it out of em, but they really pulled through. ALL MY HATS GO OFF TO YOU GENTLEMEN
   - We dont have any materials?! They are all backordered and in Germany?! So like, we are hoping nobody wants any copies of the Livro de Mormon anytime soon because we dont have any...
   - Dear sweet Xecaninha took us into Porto today and we had a BLAST looking at billion year old things and talking about places where people got excecuted and things like that. There is absolutely NOTHING like opening a plain-looking door and walking into a 12th century cathedral. NOTHING

   - SOCCER SOCCER SOCCER. As we have learned there is always an excuse for a good recent-convert-integration missionary soccer game, whenever necessary. Or more accurately, a none-of-our-recent-converts-showed-up-but-we-are-still-going-to-play missionary soccer game.
   - We´re trying to play a Dia dos Pioneeros activity with the ward and they just dont understand. Having a cookout, dressing like pioneers, things like that just don´t really sit well with Portuguese people. Maybe we´ll stick with Portuguese holidays.
   - For some reason we invited one of our pesquisadores to institute?! Bad choice. About 2 minutes in they started having a really intense argument about the spiritual world and the 3 reinas de gloria. Yep. We haven´t even taught the plan of salvation yet. Greatttttttttt

BUT ANYWAY THAT`S THAT. I was planning on sending a PLEASE PRAY FOR ME I HAVE TO LEAVE MY BEAUTIFUL HOME OF GAIA email but THE LORD HAS SMILED DOWN ON ME and I have a teeny bit more time and basically I´m just happy happy happy here. I love the people with my whole heart. The mission is so hard, there´s nothing harder, but I love it and I love the people I´ve met and I love the Lord. WOHOOOOOOOOO MISSIONS


Sister Parkinson

(Editors note: These pictures are straight off of Carly's companions blog... I of course HAD to share the bridge!)

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