Monday, July 20, 2015


WHAT IS GOOD FAMMMMMM AND HELLOOOOOO FROM GAIA. Yes yes yessssss I am still here and I have at least one more week of borrowed time while we wait for prez to do transfers WOHOOOOOOO. Stay tuned next week when I am most likely weeping over having to leave this incredible area.

Speaking of which HUGE SHOUTOUT to the Catholic Portuguese people for having 2390571920 Saints and allllllllll the holidays that go with em. Literally every other week we are celebrating St. Someone or Another and this week is St. Tiago?! Maybe?! Dont quote me on it but the point is that they celebrate lovely St. So and So through CHURROS AND FAIRS. NOT EVEN KIDDING. There are 300 churro stands all around our area and Sister Smith and I have been going HAM. The first night we saw them we had just spent about 2 hours talking to a crazy lady from our ward and we were like "yep we deserve this" and then had to run home but it was SO WORTH IT

Also the fairs there is a huge one down by the Rio Duro right now and we were so very touristy and I have no regrets. I also bargained with an African lady who didnt speak English or Portuguese to get one of their hand-sewn African dresses for $15£ cheaper and I have never been happier and yes, I absolutely will wear it to district meeting tomorrow.

BUT YEAH SO THIS WEEK ROCKED. Thursday we got a random call in the morning asking if we could be in the Porto airport in 45 minutes because PRES AMORIM FINALLY CAME!! It ended up being pretty awkward because his flight was mega delayed so there was a group of like 45 missionaries waiting for an hour in the airport, but it was still so cool and they are super cute and they are HERE HERE HERE! FINALLY! Also Thursday was Sister Smiths birthday and as it turns out, when the ward members like you, you have quite a few parties to attend. Fun fun fun

And then we got a call that on Friday we would be having a meeting with Pres and Sister Amorim (at 7:00am.... Hmmmmmmmmmm) and basically we went and he talked to us for a solid 3 hours and it was the SINGLE most INCREDIBLE thing EVER. He is incredible. I have a feeling a lot is going to change but all for the better and we are going to see miracles miracles miracles. Also he has the absolute thickest Brazilian accent I have ever heard and its kinda amazing.

Then Saturday we had interviews with President! Also so so good! He really really wants to get to know us and he was taking notes and asking all the nitty gritty questions and giving advice, it was awesome. He also gave every missionary a "challenge" and mine? Tripling my daily contacts. UH WHAT. 45 A DAY?!? Im not sure how itll happen but I will absolutely give it my best effort and I know we will see miracles!

ALSO at Glorias house this week she saw that my sandals were falling apart and she was absolutely appalled so she gave me her old orthipedic sandals and they are INCREDIBLE. I mean theyre horrible but Im wearing them ironically??? And also because my feet feel amazing no matter how ugly they may be. NO RAGRETS

I also dont know if I say it enough, but I love it here so much. It is SO hard but I have had some incredible experiences and met the most amazing people and its just so worth it. I also gained a greater testimony on the Atonement this week, I am starting to realize more and more that if we sincerely repent, every day is a new, clean slate. What a blessing!

I love you all. FIQUEM BEM!!

Sister Parkinson

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