Monday, October 19, 2015


WHAT UP EVERYBODY!! Another week down here in Porto Porto Portooooooo. In case you couldnt tell by the email title, SURPRISE, everyone is dropping us. AGAIN. Not sure what that is all about, I shower everyday and everything, but theres livro arbitrio and stuff like that in play and when it comes down to it, we do our best the Lord does the rest and then people make their own choices. Its still a little tough but WE KEEP ON KEEPIN ON

AND THIS WEEK STILL ROCKED. We finallyyyyyyyyy made our goal of finding news and it felt so, so good. We live about 904572095 miles away from the church and all of those 90359028 miles are our area, so its a little bit crazy and stressful and we kinda just work everywhere, all the time. But this week we decided to work more by our house (partial inspiration, partial laziness) and THERE ARE SO MANY AWESOME PEOPLE HERE AND IT IS SO GREAT. So we are still happy and rockin it out here in Porto!

Other happenings from the week:
   - Speaking of actually working in our area, on Saturday we found 2 different really cool families that live right by our house, and then right after our bispos wife called us (we live really close to them) and was like "hey yall want to come over for some cake right now?" and we were like HECKAH YES and basically it was a giant signal from the Lord like "you idiots, why do you think your house is where it is?!" So we have repented and stay close to home now :)
   - We met this slightly crazy, slightly amazing lady that adores us and is constantly shouting DONT GIVE UP whenever she sees us. Thanks, Eufrásia, we will not with that encouragement! She also loves quoting the New Testament and since thats my fav book of scripture I join in and we complete phrases together and she gets SO excited its hilarious. What would I do without Portuguese people in my life
   - Another crazy lady was trying to get points off of us from Lidl (grocery store that is doing some thing where you get points towards getting a plush toy every time you shop) so we just happened to combinar with her... In her house to give her the points... Hmmmmmmm. Yep we definitely didnt give her the points until we had taught the Restoration. Some people would call it bribery, Id say its following PME´s guidance to teach when you find, find when you teach am I right
   - Prez for some reason decided NOT to give people transport money this last week, and since Sis Anderson and I were a little confident on our money spending this week we ended up having 2 and 1 euros, respectively, for this whole week. Which meant getting REALLY creative on our baking when we had to make stuff for activities and baptisms as we slowly ran out of butter, eggs, then flour and sugar.... Yeah, pretty sure people arent as impressed with my baking skills after those last few sugarless cakes
   - Speaking of baptisms, the elders had a baptism!!! And since I apparently look like some neice of the lady getting baptized, guess who got to give a talk?!? Yeah... I actually dug out my dom do Espirito Santo talk from my 1st transfer and basically used all of that. What do you know, 5 transfers later and the Portuguese is still about the same. Thats probably a bad thing.
   - Being in the district with office elders just generally means a lot of food-making because you feel so bad for the poor things. And prez just cut down to having only 2 office elders, so Elder Merkle, for example, woke up WITH A STRESS BLACK EYE this week. Who even knew that was a thing?!?! Or maybe it just was a really intense comp inventory and theyre just not telling us.... Hahhaa yep so in other words everything is just peachy here in Porto

LOVE YOU ALL LOTS AND LOTS. Thanks for all the love and support and everything. Missions are the absolute best and its good to be able to share even a tiny part with yall once a week. CHURCH IS TRUE, BOOK IS BLUE

Much love xoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxx bjs

Sister Parkinson

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