Monday, October 5, 2015


What up beautiful family and friends of mine! This week was a week of craziness and ALL GOOD TIMES as usual. The mission is such a crazy crazy blessing! We had literally 205938205 or so conferences and meetings and stuff this week so not too much to report but I will do my best to tell more ridiculous stories
    - First off, GENERAL CONFERENCE AM I RIGHT OR AM I RIGHTTTTTT. OH MY WORD IT ROCKED THIS YEAR AS USUAL. Unfortunately my district is full of missionaries that are good and old in the mission and are real confident about their Portuguese so they all decided that even though no one else was in the capela, they still wanted to watch it in Portuguese. "At this point I actually understand it better in Portuguese" was a real quote from this weekend. SPOKEN IN ENGLISH I MIGHT ADD. STRAIGHT LIES. But alas, I also do actually understand Portuguese so it still ended up being pretty freaking GREAT. Special shoutout to our 3 new apostles and once I get to read the talks in english I will give more updates about which talk was my favorite and all that
   - Also the language may have been a barrier but the bigger barrier was definitely the schedule. We got special permission from prez to stay out late and watch conference WHICH TOTALLY ROCKED and we had a giant African party at Irma Sambas house to watch conference at like midnight. And she has this giant really fluffy couches... Yep I was GONE. Sorry to any and all afternoon session speakers. I will study these later I promise
   - On Tuesday we had conselho da missao, WHICH I STILL SHOULDNT BE GOING TOO because I am STILL NOT AN STL and its basically just a whole lotta faca but I gave it my best effort and ate a ton of food so theres that. Plus seeing old mission friends is just one of the best things about this whole ordeal
   - Then on WEDNESDAY we had this crazy long amazing mission conference with President and Sister Amorim that was POWERFUL and amazing and also really really long. But we learned a ton and have already applied some things and seen a bunch of success from it all. Whaddaya know, President really knows his stuff.
   - Then on THURSDAY (are you seeing what I mean now, crazy week) we had our interviews with prez which actually rocked because I kinda just assumed that he kind of hated me for being really loud and a little bit crazy and kind of awkward always at his little lunches, and then he whipped out a "you are one of the missionaries I trust the most in this mission" and I was like IKGJODSOIJO WHAT and maybe started crying and I just really love the guy. My little Brazilian grandpa :,)

THATS BASICALLY IT FAM. I hope you all enjoyed conference and if you didnt you are WRONG go back and watch them all and feel the Spirit and all that jazz. Thanks for all the love and support always, you guys are the best and I love you all tons and tons and tons!!



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