Monday, September 28, 2015

Book of Mormon stories, as performed by a couple of American teenagers

WHAT UP YALL! HOW IS EVERYBODY DOING HOW IS LIFE WHAT IS UP?!?! This week was also slightly CRAZY and just the best! Every week has so so so much going on but also seems to pass by so quickly its insane. All RMs already know the drill but seriously, mission life is the craziest. THE CRAZIEST. For this weekkkkkk

   - The subject line comes from our ward activity this week, a play that our district put on for the ward members. We did the story of Ammon and it was a HIT. McGhie, unsurprisingly, got REALLY into it so we had ridiculous costumes and a script we had to memorize, the works. And if I was a bad actress in English, I am DEFINITELY a bad actress in Portuguese. Seriously yall, it was sad. Being the queen and all I had to do a lot of fake crying and I just couldnt take it seriously and poor DL McGhie was just absolutely stressed out of his mind and made me practice fake crying during comp study everyday to prepare. Hahahahahahah the things that go on in this mission.....
   - But anyway, we worked real real hard on this ward activity of ours and then like 5 people showed up. And then Presidente and Sister Amorim showed up. YIKES. But luckily the 7 of us that were there all had a great time and the play was just cheesy enough for Portuguese people to completely love and there was tons of food and good times all around. And Prez was taking a million pictures of the play like a proud parent :,)
   - Speaking of Presidente, he asked if he could do lunch with us and our bishop this week. Ok, sure, we are always down for free food. And as it turns out, Presidente is TOTALLY A HOOT when he is working it with these Portuguese people. He was making mother-in-law jokes like NOBODYS BUSINESS (ex: why did Peter deny Christ 3 times? Because Christ cured his mother-in-law. Straight from the mouth of our mission president fam) and THEN as a conversation started he brings up the "make your draft picks on the new apostles" thing. THE VERY CONVERSATION I STARTED WITH HIM LAST WEEK. I knew I was getting invited over for my incredible dinner conversation skills I JUST KNEW IT. And Prez seems to have learned a thing or two from the master
   - My comp happens to be an STL, so she and the other STL went off to Madeira for their divisions (not even divisions, just a vacation basically) and that meant THE DREAM TEAM, Sister Parkinson and Sister Waddell (we lived together last transfer, she is being trained) were back together for one more round of craziness. It was basically two crazy kids while the parents were out of town, throwing My Time parties and building fortes and also doing missionary work?!? A little bit?!? Yeah some of that as well
   - Speaking of My Time I dont know that Ive ever properly introduced MyTime but IT IS THE THING THAT KEEPS ME GOING OUT HERE IN PORTUGAL. Its this magic granola cereal that also has chocolate bars in it and I literally, LITERALLY have 5-6 bowls a day. And I also wonder why I have the belly of a 5-months pregnant lady. Go figure.
   - Last night Sister Anderson and I were getting on the metro and I got in while she was still trying to find her metro card, and the doors started closing and I couldnt get them to stop or the metro door to open so basically, I was on the metro and she wasnt at like 9:30 at night. I had also kind of left her at a sketchy gypsy bairro?! WHOOPS. So naturally the both of us just laughed and laughed like crazy people, I got off on the next stop and forced the elders (benefits of having office elders am I right) to come save us in their car. Id say we handled it pretty good, in our time alone we both did 2 really good contacts and found families, so we both mentioned that maybe we should always work apart. I thought it was funny, District Leader did not.

Sorry that I always just tell the funny stories from the week but THATS WHAT THE MISSION IS ALL ABOUT AM I RIGHT. The work in our area is realllyyyyyy reallyyyyy slow right now, so we are just contacting contacting contacting and I have a feeling we will find some really amazing people here. Eventually. So I will let yall know when that happens! But until then just know I am still grapevining, still eating 40 bowls of MyTime a day, and still having a great time. Love you all tons!

xoxoxoxoxoxoxox Sis P

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