Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Another transfer happened and also WHY ARE TRANSFERS THE WORST

Okay okay okay. Transfers arent the worst, they are a way to learn and grown and make new friends and blah blah blah I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW. But unsurprisingly, Prez has split up the dream team. Riff has gone her own direction and Lady Midnight is taking on the world of Porto 1B SOZINHA.

Ok Im actually not alone at all, my new comp is Sister Anderson and she is adorable! She is an actual princess, not kidding at all. We get along super well, she is patient and perfect and she works HARD! I have already learned a lot from her and its gonna be a rockin transfer. Its just hard letting little Riff gooooooo

   - we had mission council (let me just header by saying Im not actually in any leadership position at all, but unfortunately Sis Wood was so I had to go to this meeting and I definitely did not at all belong there... YIKES) and it was literally LIKE 14 HOURS LONG NOT KIDDING and it was super spiritual and also one giant ROAST of all the zone leaders and I have basically never been more uncomfortable in my life. I have already decided to never be any sort of leader and never have to do that leadership council thing ever again
   - we worked with Pedro, this RC from the other ward for like 5 hours and it was a complete hoot. He taught us self defence, we sang Ed Sheeran on the road (loudly WHOOPS), the works
   - I was only in Porto for like 4 weeks and our area is HUGE and confusing and horrid so we spend like 98% of our week just totally lost out of our minds. Also Prez told us we need to know where all the active members of our wards live so we make cookies everyday to try to take to members houses... Then get lost for like 2 hours trying to find said members house, never find it, and end up eating all the cookies. Shoutout to the 25 extra pounds I picked up here that probably will never go away solely for this reason.
   - Speaking of cookies, I seriously make them every single day and I have really mastered it, and yall will be pleased to know that a ward member ate some of this cookies and told me I may actually have a chance to get married because of the cookies. Parabens for me am I right
   - We had a zone meeting this week and it completely rocked because theres only 14 of us so we just played games and had a giant party. No but really, we play this game where we have to run and grab random things from the chapel and it gets REAL. We also of course did spiritual things yall already know
   - Sunday we had an adventure and went all the way to the other chapel, by bus and by metro and by bus again just to watch Meet the Mormons with our RC Rui. It was a blast and I also brought cookies to that one. Im starting to think this is the secret to missionary work... Just cookies on cookies on cookies. And then everyone loves that one sister with the cookies and VOILA, references and baptisms, am I right?!?!? We shall see
   - Today was the best gift of all, we went BACK TO GAIA to play soccer with the Bragas again and IT COMPLETELY ROCKED. Also we ate at their house and I was nostalgic and crying and everything was perfect. Gaia will always have my heart.

Anyway, thats that! Sister Anderson and I have found a lot of amazing people this week, had some great lessons, we are working on member relationships, the works. It seriously is going to be an awesome transfer and Im so grateful to be here! Love you all, thanks for everything yall do.


Sister Parkinson

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