Monday, September 21, 2015

Medival Festivals and lots and lots of singing

WHAT UP FRIENDS AND FAM! Another week down here in the beautiful city of Porto and it was a crazy one. Basically the work goes on and on, sometimes a little bit slow but it is always great to be a missionary! Lets see what happened this week....
   - There was a GIANT medival festival going on in our area this week and all we had planned was to do contacting, but hardly anyone was on the road because of the festival... So we just went and contacted inside the festival. Yep, we went and talked to all the crazy people in their flower crowns and medival garb and it was totally worth it. And may I just say medival festivals are way more legit when they are in actual 14th century castle remains in Europe
   - So keeping up with the "president wants us to do bold things" thing, our district decided to go to a crowded park and sing to all the people out and hand out pass along stuff and it was a giant party and slightly stressful but we met a lot of cool people. And a lot of completely crazy ones as well... such is the missionary life.
OK JUST KIDDING I AM GETTING KICKED OFF OF THIS CENTRO DE JUVENTUDE COMPUTER LOLZ ok just know that I am happy and livin life here in Porto, lots of grapevining and cookies and walking around and contacting and all that jazz. Love you all lots and lots and lots! FIQUEM BEM TODOS

xoxoxoxoxoxox bjsssss

   - We got to have lunch with the Ransoms, the adorable office couple that usually only invites over the dumb elders but we somehow got in on the gig and Sister Ransom somehow MADE CAFE RIO and I nearly had a heart attack and probably shed a couple of tears it was just that good
   - We are still making 29045820 cookies a week but bonus: we just started putting Nutella INSIDE the cookies and I swear Im not actually trying to gain 20 pounds a week but if youre wondering why, this is why
   - On Tuesday there was an ACTUAL REAL LIFE TROPICAL STORM over here in Portugal. As in those storms that are almost hurricanes and it even had a name and everything. And we, of course, were just walking around with our week little US umbrellas, utterly soaked and trying to speak to all the people that WERENT ON THE ROAD because they were smarted than us. And the people who we tried to talk to were like "what are you doing this is a hurricane go inside you weird American girls". So in the end we looked in our planners for all the investigators/menos ativos that would be likely to let us in for a few hours and scored a couple of tea parties WOHOOOOO
   - We were doing a contact and the guy asked what our nationality was, and I was trying to say "guess" which is "divinha" but I accidentally said "divina" so the guy immediately starts talking religion and angels and I was like ?!?!?! we havent even said we are missionaries yet... But it turns out its because I said my nationality was "divine". CRUSHED IT. PORTUGESE LYFEEEEEEEEEEEEEee
   - Sister Anderson had some questions on something or another so we scored ANOTHER Brazilian lunch with Prez himself. The first thing he said when he saw me was "youre getting more than your fair share" HAHAHAHAHA. I assumed it was just because Im such a fun dinner guest that I got invited but I guess not. Especially since it was really silent and awkward so I resulted to my 2 go-to dinner conversations, me having gotten fat on the mission and who everybody thinks the next two apostles are going to be, and neither went over that well. Whoops. Next time, Prez, next time.

Ok for real I am leaving this time. Id write more missionary stories but we honestly spend most of our time just contacting our faces off trying to find people to teach, so Ill let you know once we succeed and have actual progessing investigators. And also thanks for all the love and support! You all are amazing and being a missionary is amazing and life is amazing and yep LOVE YALL TCHAU TCHAU

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