Monday, September 14, 2015

Member relationships or just an excuse to eat 987453987325 cookies? You decide

WHAT UP FRIENDS AND FAM!! Another week bites the dust here in the lovely lovely city of PORTO. Seriously though, Sister Anderson absolutely LOVES being in Portugal and Europe which is actually great because I tend to forget that it actually rocks to be here?! And now Im remembering and Porto is beautiful to me again. VIDA BOA.

Im sure no one is surprised by this weeks subject line, but it comes from yet another week of literally upwards of 25 cookies eaten A DAY. I wish I was kidding. Unfortunately Elder McGhie has perfected this no-bake cookie reciepe and I literally have NO SELF CONTROL WHEN IT COMES TO THOSE BAD BOYS. I actually surprise myself with how many cookies I manage a day. All for the sake of member relationships am I right?!?!

This was kinda an odd week. Lets see hereeeeeee:
   - On Tuesday we got to go to Irma Sambas house for straight real life Angolan food and it TOTALLY ROCKED. African people know how to EAT. She also said she would do the fabulous African braids on my hair and make us cuchupa one day and literally nothing has ever sounded more perfect than this. I will keep you updated fam.
   - Thursday we had a fun little division with 2 of the elders in our district, just our fun little quadruple-ship. Theres a member family that has a friend who wants to start getting the missionary lessons, and he lives in the area of the elders, but he said he wanted to be taught by the sisters (I of course assumed this was because of our spirituality and teaching skills, although since he is a 17 year old boy the elders seem to think differently) and obviously McGhie wasnt going to allow that so now we are ALL teaching him, as one big group. And its actually a blast, especially since they live super super far away so we get to go in the fancy Office car that the elders have, and lately they havent had time to drop us of before their next appointments so we just go with them the rest of the night. Im thinking theyre going to start having missionaries go out in groups of 4 from now on, but Ill let you guys know after I write Prez Monson about this
   -  Speaking of President Monson GENERAL CONFERENCE IS COMING UPPPP I HOPE EVERYONE IS AS CRAZY STOKED AS I AMMMMMMMM Im forcing all of my district to play this fun game called "guess the next Apostles" so we will see who has the most spiritual inspiration on that one. Not sure if that is blasphemy or not ooopsss
   - REALLY FUNNY AND ODD STORY. So we had a ward activity on Friday because we are trying to start up integration nights every week. We decided to watch 17 miracles which seemed like a good idea at the time, until we started the movie late and then had to end it early... Literally RIGHT AFTER THE SUPER SAD MONTAGE WHERE EVERYONE DIES. NOT EVEN KIDDING. So everyone dies and its playing sad music and its horrible and depressing and then the elders get up and theyre like "yeah... so we kind of have to end it here" and it was just the worst. And then they asked Elder Merkle to give a hymn to sing at the end and he panicked and picked a Christmas hymn and I had to conduct said hymn, and I gotta say nothing has ever been as odd as conducting a Christmas hymn at a ward activity in Setember while watching everyone just sob over the movie. Nothing but good times here in the mission

By the way, we are also doing a lot of missionary work. I think I always forget to mention that, but the work is rolling and we have some really great people we are teaching right now and its exciting and great.

Welppppp thats about it! Sorry I never remember anything worthwhile but just know that we are working hard and playing hard and always having a good time. i love being a missionary and Im grateful to be out here, and thanks also for all the love and support from back home! Yall rock!!

xoxoxoxxooxxoxoxox bjsssss

Sister Parkinson

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