Monday, October 12, 2015

TRANSFERS and 29058230985 lemon bars later

WHAT UP FAM!!!! Hope everybody is doing well back in the good old US of A. Another transfer is down here in the fabulous Portugal, Porto mission and...... (drum roll)..... EVERYTHING IS STAYING THE SAME! Im still here in Porto and still with Sister Anderson. Actually the biggest blessing in the world because 3 transfers in an area is THE WAY TO DO IT and I have developed this big, crazy love for this ward and for my dear sweet comp and it rocks to be able to soak it all in for 6 more glorious semanas.

THIS WEEK ROCKED AS USUAL. Lets see hereeeeeeeeeeeeeee:

   - Today we went down to the high class coast (Foz do Duoro) and got high class pastries and sat on high class benches by the beach and all around felt very high class. And also THE BEACH IS PERFECT and PORTUGAL IS PERFECT and Im pretty sure I live in paradise



   - We have kept doing our "coisa ousada" so this week went to the middle of Gondomar and tried to contact all the people there in a park and it turns out for some reason these are like the meanest people in Portugal?!?! Which resulted in me accidentally being involved in a giant TJ bible bash and also, this random guy who thought he could speak english whipping out this gem: "I DONT WANT IT, MY RELIGION IS ANIMALS. I AM LIKE BUDDA" and I couldnt even work for 15 minutes or so after that because I was laughing too hard
   - Sister Anderson and I have taken it upon ourselves to cast all of our district members as different characters in all the Disney movies and it has resulted in WAY too much laughter out in the road. Get ready for a reenactment of Beauty and the Beast by the missionaries of Porto 1 because we are pretty sure thats going to be our next Pday. Im sure the elders will agree......
   - Sis A and I both stayed but SUPRISE our dearly beloved Elder McGhie jumped from district leader to AP! I feel like a proud mom :,) and also really happy that I spent 2 transfers feeding him cookie after cookie because hopefully he will look back on all of those cookies and never make me do practices in zone conferences. Fingers crossed.
   - Speaking of which, whats the best way to do transfers when you are in the district with the office elders? Well I will tell you: make some cookies and then drop by right as they learn about transfers. We get inside because cookies and BOOM we know about transfers before everybody else. Hours and hours before. If there is one thing the mission has taught me, its that cookies are the solution to just about any and every situation. Remind me again why I am 25 pounds heavier than when I left?!?!

OK WELL I LOVE ALL OF YALL LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS. Keep on keeping on out there! Read your scriptures and eat less cookies than this girl!


xoxoxoxoxo Sis Parkinson

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