Monday, May 2, 2016



So another week down here in Vianaaaaaaa and it is as beautiful and fabulous and beachy and food-filled as ever!! I literally adore it here. Plus my comp is the best best BEST so that helps about 400%. LIFE IS PEACHY

Let's seeeeeeeee:
  - First off THANK Y'ALL SO MUCH for the love and prayers and everything that y'all do. Yes the last 2 weeks were slightly horrible haha and yes we're not totally into smooth sailing yet but I have felt more love and peace this week than basically ever before and I KNOW it's from all the prayers that y'all have been sending. Seriously, you have no idea how much it helps. Y'all are the greatest. I am so so lucky to have the best friends and fam around!!! :')
   - Second I'm realizing that I have hardly anything to say about this week so I am gonna whip up the best stories I can fam sorry if I failed on the delivery keep the prayers coming on behalf of this email
   - So that email title though. It was all I could come up with to describe a good chunk of this week, which was taking hour-long bus rides to visit less-active members who weren't even home. And what can you do on an hour-long bus ride when you have a tray of lemon bars covered in tin foil?? Use the tin foil to make grills and sing Beyonce songs in the back of the bus, you say?? Yes, folks, Sister Foote and I are officially back in middle school. But hey, at least we were entertained.
   - Also after we hit up 2 different parties last week we have discovered the sad realization that I DON'T KNOW HOW TO PARTY. Like at all. The mission experience has sucked all the fun out of me. Luckily I have a pretty fresh comp so she has made it her personal duty to re-teach me how to be a normal person and party and dance before I hit up the Y again. It's a long process, y'all. But we gonna perserverar até I no longer feel the need to panic fist-bump in any and all party situations
    - Every week I surprise myself more and more at my ability to eat every pastry in sight. And every week I think to myself "I have eaten more ice cream and McDonalds and chocolate crossaints than is humanly possible" and then I go an out-do myself YET AGAIN. I'm not sure how it's still happening but I tell you what, that's real. Also shoutout to McDs bc that new burger they have is fantastic. 10/10 would recommend
   - We have been focusing so hard on our marcadas that then fell that we've had to make the sad realization this week that we basically have no investigators. Yep. Roughin it. SO the re-finding has begun and has led to both weird, sketchy situations (i.e. teaching a guy in a one-room apartment that DEFINITELY had mice running around the floor) and miracles!!! (i.e. one of the best first lessons I have had in a long long time). Church is true and I will never get tired of teaching the first lessons and remembering that.
   - Plus one of our cool new investigators texted us yesterday and said, in english I might add, "hey sister could you do me a favor do you have a dollar bill" and we said nope sorry we dont and he said "ok thanks" so again, a lot of potential there. Look our for that baptism here em breve y'all.

Sorry my stories are as lame as they get hahahaha I was doing whatever I could here. But know that I still love love LOVE my mission and my comp and Viana and I am happy as can be. Thanks for EVERYTHING Y'ALL


xoxoxoxox bjnhs Sis P

I know I haven't sent picz in forever MY B so hey here's to a new week

1. That one time we went to the border of Spain and Portugal whoot whoot

2. Us being adorbz at Bom Jesus!!!

(pictures from her companions blog)

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