Monday, May 30, 2016



So THIS WEEK COMPLETELY ROCKED. ALL OF MY SOCKS WERE ROCKED OFF Y'ALL. No but on the realz this week was the trillest and I didn't think it was possible but I am lovin Viana more and more everyday!!! Hashtag blessed

   - First off, youuuuuuu guessed it fam THE DRY SPELL IS OVER and WE'RE DUNKING AWAY PEOPLE'S SINS AGAIN WOHOOOOOOOO Cristina officially got baptized yesterday!! Y'all. It ROCKED. She was so so so excited. And it's crazy because before she didn't have too much resolve, like she never came to church because she always felt sick and it was too early and whatnot. But leading up to this baptism she had to have 2 interviews in the morning and she's been crazy sick and her leg has been hurting but she keeps pressing on because she wanted to be baptized so badly. AHHHH CHURCH IS TRUE.
   - And the ceremony was perfect too, Viana is seriously a dream. ALL of the members came and we didn't do anything they did all the talks and musical numbers and Cristina was crying and it was so loving and perfect and the best. And Vanessa came too!! Right after Cristina was baptized Vanessa was like "I don't know how to explain it but she looks different. There's something different about her, it's like she's glowing". So cool. SO COOL. I LOVE THIS PLACE SLASH THE MISSION SLASH LIFE. It's moments like this that, even though it was crazy and stressful all leading up to it, make everything worth it. Gotta love it when people cumprir their compromissos and achegar mais perto de Cristo am I right or am I RIGHT
    - The good news about this baptism is that I, Sister Parkinson, was in my freakin element on Saturday and I turned up like no domestic goddess has ever turned up before. Sister Mauricio was ridiculously ill on Saturday so she spent a good 7 hours or so in bed and FOLKS. I DON'T KNOW WHAT CAME OVER ME BUT I WAS A MACHINE. I COULDN'T BE STOPPED. THE KITCHEN WAS ON FIRE. I honestly don't even think I'm being dramatic or over-the-top here. I made lemon bars, 7 layer bars, gingersnaps, AND buttermilk brownies and the reviews all came in 5 stars y'all everyone was raving on my baking skills and that could be the happiest I have ever been like I KNOW WHY I'M HERE ON A MISSION EVERYBODY it's to learn to use the baking talents God has given me no hidin this under a bushel y'all I am the luz para o mundo. Hahahahahahaha alright that got way outta control but just so everyone knows, I was a machine on Saturday and the treats at the baptism were 10/10 and I'm tryna be humble but it's hard
    - Sunday was also Stake Conference and it was super good and uplifting and also always a huge bênção to see people from Foz and Braga!!! The best part about it all though was that Viana basically WAS the conference, they were like half the choir and all the testimonies and the talks and the solos and everybody was like "woah Viana is so forte rn" and "dude Viana is crescering" and we're out here like YAS VDC REPRESENT. Best lil ramo in Portugal :')
    - So Sister Mauricio and I are on day 5 of a ridiculous rage fast and it's getting out of control. For those of you who haven't been to college or a mission, rage fasting is when you have no food or money. So you fast. Because you have to. And that's where we're at. This new month really needs to chegar bc the "We don't get money for another 5 days and we have 20 cents and 2 carrots" game is getting a little out of control. Not sure how much longer we can last before this is considered malnutrition hahahahahahaha #pray4vdc2k16

Alrightyyyyyyyyy that's all I got but as you can tell, minus the starvation this week has been fabulous and I'm lovin the mish as much as ever. Thanks also for the love and support from the gente back home, the prayers are definitely felt!!


xoxoxoxoxo bjnhs Sis P

1. She looks sad but I swear she's not. Whoop whooooooop

2. The whole fammmmmmm

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