Monday, June 6, 2016

The week we worked in our area for exactly 4 hours


So this week was totally weird and also amazing and also annoying but all in all good. Allow me to explain
   - First off, WE WORKED IN OUR AREA FOR LIKE 4 HOURS THE WHOLE WEEK. FOR REALZ. Hahahah we had a bajillion things to do and we didn't get anything done here in Viana. And when we were here we were like "uhhhhhh... we don't have anyone to teach" bc we've just been doing baptism things and it's getting really awkward BUT the good news is, Viana is perfect and we're trying our hardest to work better with our members, so we already have a couple of family nights set up with friends of members for this week. And it doesn't get any better than that, folks. Heart heart Viana is the best
   - So on Wednesday Sister Mauricio was basically dying of illness and leg problems so we kicked it early and it was the night before a zone meeting, so obviously I had to make some sort of amazing treat for it. And for all the extra time I decided to come in REAL clutch and make not one, but TWO CHOCOLATE ZUCCHINI CAKES. Oh my word it was out of control. It also took like 7 hours and I don't know why, but at one point slightly before midnight I called one of my only slightly good friends in the office to be like "ELDER JONES ELDER JONES THERE'S CHOCOLATE ZUCCHINI CAKE EVERYWHEREEEEEEE" and he was like "why are you calling" and I was like "CHOCOLATE ZUCCHINI CAKE AHHHHHKDJFJFALOFDLKAJDLAJDSJL" and he was like "please stop" and basically I'm considering teaching a basic How To Make Friends 101 class because I'm just so good at it
   - So then on Thursday AT said zone meeting I a) killed it with the cake "PARKS AND REC COMIN IN CLUTCH" and b) had the best time ever going to the literal best zone meeting I have ever attended. Apparently Prez is worried about all of us being stressed out of our minds here on the mission so he asked us to chill out, so our zone meeting was just eating cake and playing games and singing Christmas hymns. LEGENDARY. Not only that but it was also super spiritual and inspiring. All of my many hats go off to our dear zone leaders and they're ability to be chill whilst also bringing the spirit. It is a talent, my friends.
   - Side note: in case anyone was wondering, yes, my nickname in the mission is Parks and Rec because, and I quote, "you wreck everything in the office". Oh
   - THEN on FRIDAY we had to go to the doctor allllllll the way in Braga for Sister Mauricio (this is another, actually important side note: keep Sister Mauricio in your prayers!!! Stay tuned to find out why) because she has been having a lot of health problems with her legs, and a lot more worrying, with her heart, including a pretty scary incident on Thursday. Anddddd since Portuguese doctors suck, we spent all day in the hospital for them to say that the pains she is feeling are "normal". So, keep the prayers comin fam!!! She and I and all the investigators we haven't been able to visit her in Viana thank you
   - But the funniest thing about all the hospital drama was that we ended up spending the ENTIRE day at the hospital, and then we missed the last bus back to Viana. Yep, youuuuu guessed it fam, SURPRISE SLEEPOVER WITH BRAGA!!!!! Hahahaha it was a party. And since Braga is the best and Sis Mauricio and I both served there, we even got last-minute invited to a dinner with some of my fav members. Hahahaha life is good <3
    - Sunday we had this crazy multi-stake Eastern Europe conference over satellite that was really really cool!!!!! But I admit I'll have to re-watch because a) IT WAS SO FREAKIN HOT AND I WAS DYING. Noooooo summer is here fam not sure I'm gonna make it and b) I sat next to a completely crazy investigator of the APs that was vacationing here in Viana and her comments were just too funny to resist the laughter

Alrighty I LOVE YOU ALL here's to hoping we work here in Viana this week and less time in Porto and Braga lolzzzzz


xoxoxoxo Sis P

THE BEST ZONE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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