Monday, June 27, 2016



Yooooooo so we got transfers on Tuesday and milagre of all milagres, SIS MAURICIO AND I ARE STAYING TOGETHER. Hahahahahahahaha that's right, this dupla is kickin it together UNTIL THE FIM. We called all the members right away and they were like "EYOOOOOOO WE GON PARTY SO HARD" and it was the best moment of my life. Actually, when they called we both started screaming and jumping up and down and accidentally hung up on our district leader. Hahahahaha. All is well, all is well.

BUT THIS WEEK WAS POPPIN Y'ALL ALREADY KNOW. There's not actually too much to report but I'll do my best
   - Sooooooo Pres has this new thing where the APs don't have an area they just travel around and train people and now he has sister APs as well!!!! He doesn't call them that, but I do. Anyway, GUESS WHO WERE THE FIRST VICTIMS OF THE SISTER APs?!?!? We were just minding our own business on Wednesday and they called and were like "yo we're on our way to your house in an hour!!" so we scrambled about to double our plans and clean our house (y'all have seen the Best 2 Years, you know the drill) and it ended up actually being REALLY fun and chill and amazing!! Shoutout to the sister APs because they're not insane but ARE amazing missionaries. And it was hilarious bc I was out with Sister Moraes, who only has 9 months or so in the mission but is the hardest working person I've ever met, so she was like "you're way older than me in the mission, what advice can YOU give??" so it was pretty adorable and I also didn't manage much more than "eat at least 2 Big Macs a week" so I'm not sure she was impressed
   - Last Pday we got the gang together and played a crazy intense soccer game which I have been missing SO SO VERY MUCH. Then we died of heatstroke and are very hesitant to play since but hey, at least we had our moment of glory
   - THE BENEFITS OF HAVING A CABO VERDIANAN COMPANION ARE ENDLESS, FOLKS. This week said benefits included Sister Mauricio getting her hair done and some impromptu Cabo Verde party that included a WHOLE lotta Kizomba and also waffles, which Dizia calles "fafflas" because english is hard. Hahahahahahaha I love these people
   - Also I'm not even sure how but WE FIGURED OUT THE SECRET TO WORKING WITH MEMBERS. Literally I don't even know what we did but we are doing it so well. This week it was called a whole lotta laziness and inability to cook in our house (stay tuned to find out why) so we were like "Yo Debora, what do we need to do to get invited to your house for lunch" and she was like actually I would love y'all to come and my two friends from Porto are here as well and maybe you could go ahead and give them the first lesson while you're at it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA FAM. FAMMMMMMMMM. Sister Mauricio told me she was a pro a self-invites but I now have a testimony for myself that this is true
   - And as for why that self-invite was necessary, welcome to the life of truly poor people, everyone. So here in Portugal we have to buy our own gas to heat up the showers and use the oven, the works. Well we tend to cook and bake a LOT over here in Viana so our gas ran out for like the 9834209834th time this week and since it's the end of the month..... yep, we don't have any money so we're just kinda waiting it out, taking cold showers and trying to get ourselves invited to other peoples houses. Hahahahahaha the mission life. The situation just gets more and more hilarious every week.

Also PLEASE PRAY FOR MARIA EVERYBODY!!!! She was marked this week but she decided she just doesn't feel ready. And we're not about pushing or bothering people, pois não, but we KNOW she's SO ready and this is EXACTLY what she needs right now... we just don't know how to help her know that. So pray pray pray fam, we gon make miracles happen here!!!


xoxoxoxox bjnhs Sis P

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  1. Cannot even believe you will be back in 6 weeks! So excited to see you... and man, your aunt is awesome having kept up this blog..