Monday, June 20, 2016

Mi é dot na bo


This week was freakin rockin but y'all already KNOW because Viana is the best and missions are the best and life is the best. Heart heart heart

But basically
   - why yes, the subject line IS, in fact, me bragging about my vast creolo knowledge. It's actually not even in the least bit vast but it is enough to get MAD RESPECT from the Cabo Verdianan community. Not sure if it's the creolo itself or just the fact that I'm super blonde and the palest person most of them have ever seen and still manage to sort of say phrases in creolo but either way, I'LL TAKE IT
   - so yes, basically in our continuing preparations for our cultural party we did Cabo Verdianan things and Sister Mauricio taught me how to dance Kizomba and everyone was FLIPPIN A BIH watching the white girl be slightly less white than normal and then shortly afterwords I MADE A CREOLO JOKE, IN CREOLO and I think I could have died of happiness in that moment
   - in case y'all haven't picked up on my Cabo Verde rants in the last 3 weeks or so I am kinda slightly obsessed with Cabo Verde and it's wonderful people and I want to be like them and they think it's hilarious and I'm like a cute little white zoo animal "look everyone, this sister loves Cabo Verde and she's not even FROM Cabo Verde" and I just accept it bc this culture is too fabulous and African to resist
   - but moving right along, OUR PARTY WAS A SMASHIN HIT FAM. It took a ton of preparation which is kinda out of the box for us missionaries (we are well known for our last-minute party skills) but we involved basically everyone in the ward and it turned out to be so so so fun. Everyone presented their cultures and there was SO MUCH FOOD and I had 3 helpings of cuchupa with 0 helpings of regrets and all was well
   - speaking of food, since I am the only one from the US we asked the jovens to help present the good ol US of A with me. Which went super well but also I was like "hey fam what goodies should I make to represent this wonderful country" and left it open to whatever suggestion which led to me making, at midnight the night before (lolz tons of preparation am I right everybody) cookies, no-bake cookies, brownies, cake, AND BANANA BREAD. WHY DID I DO THIS TO MYSELF. I couldn't even appreciate my own extreme baking skills because I was too busy being annoyed at just how many times we had to go back to the store to get more butter and chocolate powder and sugar. Hahahahah if nothing else, at least this mission has taught me how to be a #domesticgoddess though am I right
   - I'm getting to this point where I literally can't remember anything that happens during the week besides "food party teach food noite familiar food missionary work teach food" and it's making writing these emails exceptionally painful and awkward A THOUSAND APOLOGIES FOLKS
   - As far as the actual missionary work goes though, THINGS ARE GOING AS SWIMMINGLY AS EVER. Honestly if I have learned one thing from this transfer it's that the Lord does everything, literally EVERYTHING in this work. Hahaha we have so many weaknesses and failures, and yet his work keeps chuggin along because it's not ours, ya know? It's His and He uses even goofy, trying-to-hard-to-be-African teenages like me as His instruments. Just a little inspiring thought for all the kids at home. Lolz. But basically, we're teaching one of the most amazing investigators I've ever taught in my entire mission rn and she casually TAUGHT PRINCIPIOS DO EVANGELHO this Sunday and she's marked for baptism this Sunday and we all prayin our hearts out SO JOIN US FAM and we will make Maria's baptism the greatest event since Neil Armstrong landed on the moon

Also just so everybody knows transfers are tomorrow so PRAY YOUR FACES OFF bc we have no idea what's gon happen and we gotta make these last 6 weeks the best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry this email was ridiculous lolzzzzzz good thing this weekly email thing is coming to a close soon am I right



xoxoxoxox bjnhs Sis P

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