Monday, May 23, 2016


WHAT UP FRIENDS AND FAMMMMMMM TA TUDO NA BOA CREW?!?! All is freakin BEM here in Viana AS ALWAYS and I fall in love with this place more and more everyday. Viana y'all, I still stand by this as missionary paradise.

So BEDNAR. BEDNAR BEDNAR BEDNAR. I could write my entire email about the man and his life-changing week because that pretty much WAS the semana. You guyzzzzz. Elder Bednar is the TRILLEST. The literal BEST. The conference was everything I was hoping it would be and more. Plus mission friends plus old ward member friends equals Thursday was the best of the best. I'll get to the deets in a minute

Basically this week:

   - First off Sis Mauricio is a DREAM at member relationships and it's the first area she's been in with other Cabo Verdianans which is great for her and all but I think it is possibly EVEN BETTER for me because I get to ride around and enjoy the benefits of her charismo and ability to speak Creole which include, but are not limited too: a) food, b) rides, c) food, d) parties, and e) food. Life is good, y'all
   - Second either my McDonalds influence is so far-reaching that it takes almost immediate effect or Sister Mauricio has just been tired of cooking, but either way we are back to our normal standards, folks. We had 3 Big Macs just in the last 5 days and I'm not even a little bit sad. Just proud :') remember when I thought for like a week that being with Sis M would make me eat less McDonalds??? Hahahahahahahahahaha but THE LEGACY CONTINUES
   - So to not have to wake up at negative o´clock to get to Porto for Bednar we decided to go up early and party it up with Matosinhos (you know I love them sleepovers fam) which ended up being the most ridiculous adventure bc the metro kinda stopped running when we got there and I was in pajamas and we were desperately trying to not see any other missionaries who were all also coming in that night..... Hahaha classic. I'm honestly not even sure how we got to Matosinhos safe and sound but I'm gonna hand it off to the ajuda do Senhor #grateful
   -  YO YO YO the part we've all been waiting for: BEDNARRRRR. So Thursday morning we had a 3 hour conference with him, just us missionaries, and it was a dream come true. He just kinda answered questions the whole time but it rocked so, so hard. The Spirit was so strong and he knew exactly what to say for everything and it was an so inspired and perfect and I think I cried about 15 times. We also all got to go up there and shake his hand and I'm pretty sure I said "whjafkjdfslah Bednar kfdlskjafslj" but he smiled anyway and that's how we know he is called of God. Seriously though y'all, he is most definitely an apostle of the Lord and this was literally one of the best experience of my life, hands down. Church is true folks and I'm so grateful for it and especially the fact that it's living and has men called of God to lead it.
   - Also that night we had another Bednar conference with all the members and it was equally as inspiring and, BONUS, EVERY LAST ONE of my areas was there and I got to see so many people and there is nothing, NOTHING better, fam!!! I'm 110% sure the people are the very best part of the mission

I have about 3092834 things to say but I'm out of time and vontade so again, sorry my letters get worse and worse but just know that I LOVE the mission and Viana and the gospel and life!!!!!!

AND ALL OF YOU. Thanks for being the best fam


fiquem bem gente

xoxoxoxox bjnhs Sis P

1, Viana, where the members treat us like Princesses. We taught a lesson during Pday so after they were like YO JUST STAY HERE AND DO EMAIL HERE'S OUT COMPUTERS HERES THE COUCH RELAX HERE'S FOOD WE LOVE YOU and it's all a dream come true

2. Big chunk of the gang

3. Taking investigators to the hospital for dayz


5. The crew Santa Luzia-ing


The whole mission was out and about and I somehow forgot to take ANY pics until the end when I realized it was probs the last time I was gonna see Sherrif Ward so I shed about 38972 tears and we took some pics

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