Monday, February 15, 2016

Always in the Splash Zone

WHAT UP FAMMMMMM TA TUDO NA BOA?!?!?!?!?! I hope yall had some rockin semanas and tudo isso.

   - First off, the subject line. Hahahah so the rain and cold has been OUT OF CONTROL this week. Seriously though, I have never been more wet and more cold. I didnt realize I was serving in Siberia?!?!?! But anyway, you know those scenes from movies where the cute female protaganist is walking along in the rain, minding her own business and then a huge truck comes by and splashes her with dirty muddy cold rain water?? WELL THAT IS REAL, AND IT IS MY LIFE. This has seriously happen like 298375 times this week and somehow I am the only one who ever gets splashed?? Its a curse. Living life in the splash zone.
   - Lately Sister Runyan and I have been thinking up new jokes based off the line "a Portuguese, Italian, and Iranian girl walk into a bar...." because we were knocking doors one night and got let into a house with exactly that combination. You have to love living by a university and getting the craziest combos of people in the world.
   - We taught ALL THE CRAZIES THERE ARE this week. Hahaha but really thoughhhhhhh. The first was Antoneita, who doesnt like religion, just spirituality, and has taken negative words out of her vocabulary. After arguing with us for like 20 minutes I just gave up and was chatting with Sister Runyan while she read a scripture and she goes "EXCUSE ME.  I AM TRYING TO READ THE WORD OF GOD HERE". Hahaha classic. She has a point. The second was Antonino, a preacher from Brazil who has seen visions that he cant even explain to us because he is so much more spiritually advanced than we are. Right. A WEEK IN THE LIFE FAM. I wish I had 857439 hours to tell you all the ridiculous stories we hear out here. PORTUGUESE PEOPLE ARE CRAZY. I love them to death and they are all completely insane :)
   - I had this super intense mental breakdown this week (not really, but you get the idea) because it was raining and my shoes broke and I was so very very very wet, and then Manuela, our crazy 90 year old friend that we bring the sacrament to, was sick and canceled on us and THEN we saw a dead dog on the road and it was just too much to handle and I completely lost it in the middle of the sidewalk. Poor Sister Runyan. But like the wonderful comp she is, she handled it by forcing me to eat a ton of chocolate. In case anyone is wondering why I am gaining weight here in Braga....
   - Speaking of which, 6 MONTHS TO SEXY IS GOING SO WELL. I just did a evaluation of our week and it looks like I had 2 françazinhas and 3, possibly 4 Big Macs. On this diet you can bet I will be comin home thin as can be!!! Watch and see fam!!!

Alright thats all I got. I know, the emails get worse and worse. I try fam, I really do. Just know that even as I freeze my little buns off and am wet as can be, I am happy as a clam eating everything in sight and teaching all the goofballs of this country. AND I LOVE YOU ALL. Thanks for the love and support from everybody!!


xoxoxoxox Sis P


aka proof that my big mac 6 months to sexy routine is workin its magic


1. I am realizing that this looks like a 7 but its supposed to be a 1. As in 1 year. Whoops

(This picture was on her current companions blog... I think the lighting is better )

and 2. We went back to Bom Jesus, the crazy beautiful cathedral, and this is accidentally literally the only picture I took. YOU KNOW YOU LOVE ME FAM

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