Monday, February 1, 2016



First off, I have gotten a bunch of emails and letters lately from people asking if I ever actually teach the gospel or do missionary work or anything like that. REST ASSURED FAM, I do actually do real life missionary work that is not just eating everything in sight and playing ridiculous games with my districts. I have a personal, 2016 goal to try and actually talk more about the stuff we actually do that is real missionary work. WE´LL SEE HOW IT GOES YALL

But for this weekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk:
   - As you can see from the subject line, we are tryna improve member relationships here in Braga. You know what that meansssssssssss.... PROJECT COOKIE. I AM SO EXCITED. Lets just say we bought like 7 bags of flour this week doing our compras. I firmly believe and I am sticking to it that the secret to missionary work is cookies. COOKIES ON COOKIES ON COOKIES. So here we go, testing the theory on the good members of the ala de Braga. GET READY FAM. Also get ready for me to gain back every single pound I lost in Foz when we didnt have members to bring cookies too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahaha... hahahha.. ha. 6 months to sexy anybody??!
   - Speaking of which, WE HIT A YEAR THIS WEEK. WHAT THE ACTUAL WHAT. I DID NOT SEE THIS ONE COMING. I am pretty sure I am still the newest little sister missionary in this mission and yet, I somehow am hitting the home stretch and ITS THE WORST THING EVER?!?! THE MISSION SHOULD LAST FOREVER?!?!?! NOT SURE WHAT MY LIFE IS?!!?!?
   - But, panicking aside, the mission is super great. The literal best. This week we felt like changing things up and focusing a little more on our less actives and it led to some freaking MILAGRES. Seriously though. We found a little family where the dad has been missing the church so much and is just dying to come back. The ward all misses him and loves him to death and, milagre of all milagres, HE CAME TO CHURCH THIS SUNDAY. AHHHHHHH. I think that kind of happiness is even better than when investigators come because people are cumpriring with their convênios and its so so great to see. We are working with a couple other people with potential to voltar as well and its all superduper exciting!! CHURCH IS TRUE FAM!!
   - SISTER RUNYAN FAZERED ANOS THIS WEEK AND IT WAS A PARTY!!! 21 AND YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS!!!!!!!!!!! Well, for us it meant crepes and a lunch out and going to bed early, so there ya go. Life of missionaries. BUT let it be known that my dear sweet comp is the very very best and that I love her to death and it is such a party to serve with her. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS RUNYANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN
   - The elders went to a crazy, 2 day conference down in Porto all week and we were SENTIRING THEIR FALTA big time. We called at basically every interval just to see what was happening and be annoying sisters (you know me, fam). In the end, Elder Jensen who is in his 2nd transfer and GREEN AS CAN BE was out on divisions the whole time WITH ANOTHER GREENIE and they didnt have a phone with them and they got lost in Porto AND WE ALL THOUGHT THEY WERE GONNERS. BUT REALLY THOUGH. That may have been the hardest I have ever prayed in my life. I dont think you understand, Elder Jensen is REALLY REALLY GREEN. But anyway, they made it back okay thanks to the prayers of the faithful. hahahahaha we are all just hashtag grateful they are safe and alive and well

Alright thats all I got. I feel like my emails get worse and worse?? Sorry fam, I will work on it I swear. 2016 goals everybody. BUT I LOVE YOU ALL AND THANKS FOR ALL THAT YALL DO. YALL ARE THE BEST. MUCH LOVEEEEEEEEEE

Have a great week gente!!!!

xoxoxoxoxox bjs Sis P

(A couple pictures courtesy of Carly's current companion)

(Her companion mentioned the mission president sent the missionaries these cool binders/folders)

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