Monday, February 8, 2016

Pillow Fights and Actual Fights: a Week in the Life


Another normal week here in Braga town!! Which of course, means that it was slightly odd and weird things happened everyday. Such is the life of a Portugal Porto missionary. Especially one like me that tries my very hardest to have weird hilarious stories to tell every week. Here is an example of a typical conversation between me and Sister Runyan:

Me: theres a creepy man that wants us to go over and is sending us weird texts!! .... Novos??
Sister Runyan: thats actually an exceptionally bad idea
Me: But we need novos!!!
Sister Runyan: but we also dont want to die
Me: BUT THINK OF THE HILARIOUS STORIES WE CAN TELL SISTER RUNYAN. Everyone knows you need good stories from the mission!!
Sister Runyan: Yes you need good stories BUT YOURE NOT SUPPOSED TO LOOK FOR THEM LIKE THIS

... She probably has a good point. But usually, we end up talking to the creepy people. All for the sake of the novos fam!!! And the hilarious mission stories!!! WORTH IT

Anyway, for this week:
   - The pillow fight part of the subject line: every week we go over to an old lady, Manuela, to give her the sacrament on Sunday night. It is LITERALLY the greatest part of the week slash my life. She is hilarious and tells crazy stories about when she lived in Africa and fought lions and stuff like that. Literal gold. Well this week I was bored during one of her stories so I started casually hitting Elder Jensen with a pillow. Well Manuela sees this, and, being the crazy lady she is, gets really into it and starts grabbing pillows from around the room and literally punching them at the elders. This is a 90 year old woman, people. I dont think I have ever laughed harder at anything
   - The actual fight part of the subject line: DONT SURPRISE PORTUGUESE PEOPLE. THEY DONT LIKE IT. But really though, we tried to do Project Cookie (normally a success I promise... DONT DOUBT MY MISSIONARY METHODS GENTE I SWEAR I KNOW WHAT I AM DOING) but we made the mistake of going over during lunchtime. Well you can enter a Portuguese household during lunch without leaving with a lunch, so we ended up sitting down with them after some drama and I, trying to make small talk and having learned from Prez that fat jokes dont worry too well, went for the classic "how did you two meet" story, which led to a 2 HOUR ARGUMENT with real life tears and many "endure to the end" comments. WHOOPS. Nothing has ever been more awkward, ever. I guess next time I will have to take a leaf out of Presidentes book and tell mother-in-law jokes, theyre safer
   - We left our phone in the chapel one night and we didnt want the elders to think we had died so we tried knocking our predio to ask to use a phone... Turns out the sisters a couple transfers ago ACTUALLY CONTACTED OUR PREDIO so nobody would answer the door. So kids, the lesson to be learned here is, dont try and contact your neighbors if you ever want favors from them in the future
   - WE ACTUALLY WENT RUNNING THIS WEEK (I hope you were all sitting down for that piece of news fam) and it was HILARIOUSLY AMAZING because there is a giant nun convent up the hill from where we live and we wanted to check it out so we ran up there, ran inside to take a look around, and then tried to leave out the place that said "saida" and we got all the way down the hill and WE WERE LOCKED INSIDE. So we naturally took it really calmly, acted real cool (you know me) and started running around trying to jump over the walls without looking like criminals, then taking a different path only to be chased by dogs and then just completely panicing and sprinting back out the way we came. I half expected there to be a news article the next day "2 nuns escape the convent" without our pictures. And I still slightly hyperventilate when we see nuns in the streets. WE GOT TRAPPED IN A NUN CONVENT EVERYONE
   - Some random ladies showed up to our aluas de inglês on Friday, so here we are thinking "wow what a blessings 3 new investigators" when it turns out they were trying to find the crazy gypsy Reino de Deus church. Whoops.

Alrighty, thats all fam!! Looks like I still havent improved in telling stories about missionary work.... We will get there. Someday. I LOVE YOU ALL LOTS AND LOTS DONT FORGET TO PRAY AND READ YOUR SCRIPTURES AND CHOOSE THE RIGHT AND ALL THAT!!!!!!!!!!!


xoxoxoxoxoxo bjs Sis P

(found this picture on another sisters blog from Christmas... apparently Carly participated in a musical number)

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