Monday, January 25, 2016

You dont have to put on that red lighttttttttttt

WHAT UP FRIENDS AND FAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM TUDO BEM?!?!?!?! I hope yall had some rockin semanas!!!! Get ready for all the crazay crazayyyy news of Braga!!

Theres actually not too much to tell, sorry fam. But the slightly inappropriate subject line comes from the recent discovery that Bragas very own red light district just so happens to be....... RIGHT OUTSIDE OUR CAPELA!!! Thats right folks, whenever we teach lessons in the chapel late at night we have to take the long way home so we dont get mistaken for prostitutes. HASHTAG STAY CLASSY PORTUGAL.

Also yall should know that we couldnt find any place to do email so we are currently in a super sketchy gaming cafe that doesnt allow minors and we had to make gaming nicknames to get in. Oh the adventures of Braga.

But also this week was super mega foxy awesome as usual!!
   - We had a division with the STLs and you know what that means.... AN EXCESSIVE AMOUNT OF PORTUGUESE!!! Just kidding. But really. BUT it also means an excessive amount of miracles so it actually rocked my socks off!! We were finally able to get ahold of a lot of people with potential and we found some seriously amazing novos. Real life milagres, people.
   - We got to take a surprise visit to Porto!! And we watched the world wide missionary broadcast with o nosso Presidente which was cool DEMAIS. And the broadcast was SERIOUSLY AMAZING. So so so cool. Even if youre not a missionary I recommend it. 2 hours of instruction with our local apostles and other church leaders??? IT DOESNT GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS FOLKS. Its like conference all over again but just for us missionaries!! I LOVE THE CHURCH AND THE MISSION MAN.
   - After kinda a rough day our elders did for me what all good elders should, took us to get rockin françazinhas. And bonus, I got another priesthood blessing and let me tell ya, THOSE ARE THE GREATEST. For realz you guys, if you ever have any needs at all, please go to your local priesthood holder and ask for a blessing. They are straight from Heavenly Father and they are exactly what you need, promise. Our elders are the best!!
   - So this week in sacrament we, our beloved missionaries, were in charge of the program. Meaning ONE MORE rockin baptism, dom do Espirito Santo talk from yours truly. Naturally, I once again whipped out my talk from my first transfer and used it... Then I tried to make a joke in sacrament about how my Portuguese probably should have improved more than this and it did not go over well. Portuguese people man. They dont appreciate good humor I guess.
   - Also I accidentally spent like 25 minutes talking in church and I really dont speak good enough Portuguese for that. RAGRETS FAM.

Spiritual side note since I dont have enough of those: REPENTANCE IS SO REAL. I thought I had it figured out after some experiences a couple weeks ago, but now I really really know. We always always ALWAYS have the chance to change and be better, and Heavenly Father loves us no matter what. He loves us so much!! And it is so so great to know that.

But anyway, thats all for this week!! I seriously love this mission with all my heart. And I love the Portuguese even if they dont get my humor. And I love YOU FAM. THANKS FOR ALL THE LOVE AND SUPPORT YALL ARE THE BEST. MUCH LOVE FROM HERE IN BRAGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


xoxoxoxxoxox bjs Sis P

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